Undergraduate Courses by Subfield

The list below categorizes some of the Department's courses according to the three required subfields. The fourth subfield, Linguistics, is unusal in that it exists as a separate, inter-disciplinary program within the College which offers both a major and a minor. A number of courses are cross-listed in both programs (ANTH 308 (Language and Culture); ANTH 411 (Historical Linguistics); ANTH 418 (Language Patterns); ANTH 412 (Linguistic Field Methods); ANTH 413 (Language and Society); and ANTH 415 (Linguistic Anthropology)). These courses will count as credits towards a major in Anthropology but do not fulfill the requirement to take one course in each of the three other subfields.

Note that several courses (including Indians of the Southwest, Idea of Race, and Quantitative Research Methods) are listed under more than one subfield. A course may count toward fulfilling a student's requirement in one and only one subfield. The requirements for a major in anthropology include one course in each of the three subfields of Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Socio-cultural Anthropology in addition to other required courses.

For the most current information about courses offered in Anthropology, please consult the College's Dynamic Schedule website.

Biological Anthropology
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Intro to Archaeology (201)

Primate Behavior (310)

Worlds of Music (241)

Arch Field Methods (225)

Evol Perspectives Gender (370)

Ethnographic Research (302)

Methods in Archaeology (301)

Intro to Zooarchaeology (453)

Comparative Col Studies (305)

Comparative Col Arch (312)

Quant Research Methods (454)

Women, Gender, Culture (306)

Arch of Mesoamerica (314)

Intro to Bio Anthropology (203)

Social Anthropology (307)

Environmental Arch (315)

Human Skeletal Biology (456)

Medicine and Culture (309)

Archaeology of Near East (319)

Idea of Race (371)

Indians of North America (323)

Rise Fall of Civilization (320)

Biocultural Anthropology (492)

Indians of the Southwest (324)

Archaeology of N Am (322)


Sundance Peoples (325)

Indians of the Southwest (324)


Caribbean Cultures (330)

Adv Arch Field Methods (425)


Peoples Cultures of Africa (335)

Foodways Archaeological (426)


African Cultural Econ (336)

Arch Conservation I (450)


African Ritual Religion (337)

Arch Conservation II (451)


Native Cultures Latin Am (338)

Intro to Zooarchaeology (453)


Peoples Cultures of E Asia (342)

Quant Research Methods (454)


Japanese Society (347)

Cultural Res Management (455)


Japanese Values Lit Film (348)

Archaeology Col W'burg (457)


Contemp Issues in Japan (349)

Caribbean Archaeology (458)


Knowledge Learning (362)



Culture and Cuisine (363)



Artists and Cultures (364)



Info Tech Global Culture (366)



Idea of Race (371)



Foodways Archaeological (426)



Native Peoples of E N Am (427)



Exploring Afro-Am Past (429)



Maroon Societies (432)



Quant Research Methods (454)



Ethnographic History (472)



Globalization, Democratiz (475)



National Formations (476)



Arts of African Diaspora (482)



Collecting Exhibit Culture (484)


Biocultural Anthropology (492)