Katie Mitchell

Murray 1693 Scholar


Columbia, MD (St. Paul's School for Girls)

Why W&M?

On a quantitative level, I chose William and Mary and the Murray scholars program jointly because I could have enough options to do research because of the size of the undergraduate program and yet still be able to do significant work because of the smaller size of the graduate program. Coming from a small high school where I had a lot of close interaction with my teachers, I really like that a lot of my W&M professors were outgoing and seemed to enjoy teaching their classes. Also, as a musician, I loved that the College had such an overwhelming number of musical opportunities for its students. Qualitatively speaking, however, there was no other school where I felt more comfortable, and where the other students were so intellectually engaged and yet not competitive. Not only were they smart, but my classmates helped me out when I was struggling with something that I didn't cover in high school, and we talked about the topics that interested us long after class has ended. I think finding a community like that is what was really most important to me when I made my decision to come to W&M.


Neuroscience and Government

Honors & Awards

I won Best Delegate in the U.S. National Security Council committee at Yale's collegiate Model United Nations conference and Best Delegate McGill University’s collegiate MUN.  I went to "worlds" in Australia!

Extracurriculars at W&M

I was a member of the International Relations Club, and I helped run William and Mary's high school conference.