William and Mary
Sherie Lake Aguirre

Aguirre, SherieInstructor of OboeOffice: Ewell B56
Email: [[slagui]]

James Armstrong

Armstrong, JamesAssociate Professor (Musicology), Director of ChoirsOffice: Ewell 153
Phone: (757) 221-1085
Email: [[jiarms]]

Jamie Bartlett

Bartlett, JamieChair (2014-2017), Associate Professor (Conducting), Associate Director of Choirs Office: Ewell 204
Phone: (757) 221-1072
Email: [[jcbart]]

Paul Bhasin

Bhasin, PaulAssistant Professor (Conducting), Director of BandsOffice: Ewell 210
Phone: (757) 221-1086
Email: [[pkbhasin]]

Sarah Bland

Bland, SarahInstructor of PianoOffice: Ewell 258
Phone: (757) 221-1093
Email: [[sfblan]]

Patti Carlson

Carlson, PattiInstuctor of Clarinet, Director of Woodwind EnsembleOffice: Ewell B55
Email: [[pfcarl]]

Neal Cary

Cary, NealInstructor of Cello, Director of String EnsembleOffice: Ewell 257
Phone: (804) 212-7635
Email: [[nacary]]

Chris DeLaurenti

DeLaurenti, ChristopherVisiting Assistant Professor of MusicOffice: Ewell 110
Phone: (757) 221-7839
Email: [[cadelaurenti]]
Website: {{}}

Peter DuBeau

Dubeau, PeterInstructor of Tuba, Director of Brass EnsembleOffice: Ewell B55
Email: [[pcdube]]

Ryan Fletcher

Fletcher, RyanInstructor of Voice, Director of Opera WorkshopOffice: Ewell 252
Phone: (757) 221-1091
Email: [[rkflet]]

Frook, SarahVisiting Director of Women's ChorusOffice: Ewell 153
Email: [[sefroo]]

Sarah Glosson

Glosson, SarahInstructor of Viola da GambaOffice: Ewell B55
Email: [[sgglos]]

Matthew Gold

Gold, MatthewInstructor of Classical BassOffice: Ewell B54
Email: [[magold]]

David Grandis

Grandis, David Assistant Professor (Conducting), Director of OrchestrasOffice: Ewell 208
Phone: (757) 221-1089
Email: [[dfgrandis]]
Website: {{}}

Ruth Griffioen

Griffioen, RuthAdjunct Associate Professor (Musicology), Instructor of RecorderOffice: Ewell 210A
Phone: (757) 259-0259
Email: [[rvbgri]]
Website: {{}}

Brian Hulse

Hulse, BrianAssociate Professor (Theory and Composition) Office: Ewell 261
Phone: (757) 221-1044
Email: [[bchuls]]
Website: {{}}

Tripp Johnson

Johnson, TrippInstructor of Mandolin, Director of Appalachian Music EnsembleOffice: Ewell 253
Email: [[wrjohnson]]

Brian Jones

Jones, BrianInstructor of Jazz PercussionOffice: Ewell 206
Phone: (757) 221-1087
Email: [[bejones]]

Max Katz

Katz , MaxAssistant Professor (Ethnomusicology)Office: Ewell Hall 262A
Phone: (757) 221-1070
Email: [[mgkatz]]

Anna Kijanowska

Kijanowska, AnnaInstructor of PianoOn Leave: Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Office: Ewell 256
Email: [[amkija]]
Website: {{}}

John Lindberg

Lindberg, JohnInstructor of Percussion, Director of Percussion EnsembleOffice: Ewell 206
Phone: (757) 221-1087
Email: [[jplind]]

Eric Lyttle

Lyttle, EricInstructor of Piano, Jazz Piano & MusicianshipOffice: Ewell 256
Phone: (804) 814-1693
Email: [[eglytt]]

Thomas Marshall

Marshall, ThomasInstructor of Organ, Piano & HarpsichordOffice: Ewell 254
Phone: (757) 221-1078
Email: [[tmmars]]

Jonathan Mott

Mott, JonathanInstructor of Violin & ViolaOffice: Ewell B57
Email: [[jxmott]]

Murchison, GayleAssociate Professor (Musicology)Office: Ewell 262
Phone: (757) 221-1077
Email: [[gmmurc]]

Stephanie Nakasian O'Brien

Nakasian, P. StephanieInstructor of Jazz VoiceOffice: Ewell B56
Email: [[sxnaka]]
Website: {{}}

James Nesbit

Nesbit, JamesInstructor of Saxophone, Director of Saxophone EnsembleOffice: Ewell B57
Email: [[jbnesb]]

Timothy Olbrych

Olbrych, TimothyInstructor of Classic Guitar, Lute & Baroque Guitar, Director of Classical Guitar EnsembleOffice: Ewell B53
Phone: (757) 221-1098
Email: [[tpolbr]]
Website: {{}}

Thomas Payne

Payne, ThomasProfessor (Musicology)On Leave: Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Office: Ewell 264
Phone: (757) 221-1502
Email: [[tbpayn]]

Jordan Ponzi

Ponzi, JordanInstructor of Jazz BassOffice: Ewell B56
Email: [[jcponzi]]

Katherine Preston

Preston, KatherineDavid N. & Margaret C. Bottoms Professor of Music (Musicology)Office: Ewell 263
Phone: (757) 221-1075
Email: [[kkpres]]

Robert Ransom

Ransom, RobertInstructor of Jazz TrumpetOffice: Ewell B56
Email: [[reransom]]

Anne Rasmussen

Rasmussen, AnneProfessor (Ethnomusicology) Office: Ewell 265
Phone: (757) 221-1097
Email: [[akrasm]]
Website: {{}}

Sophia Serghi

Serghi , SophiaProfessor (Theory & Composition)Office: Ewell 266
Phone: (757) 221-1076
Email: [[sxserg]]

Harris Simon

Simon, HarrisInstructor of Jazz Piano & Harmonica, Director of Jazz ComboOffice: Ewell 258
Phone: (757) 221-1093
Email: [[hwsimo]]

Kimberly Sparr

Sparr, KimberlyInstructor of ViolaOn Leave: Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Email: [[ksparr]]

Susan Via

Via, SusanInstructor of Violin, Director of Gallery PlayersOffice: Ewell 257
Email: [[sfviax]]

David Vonderheide

Vonderheide, DavidInstructor of TrumpetOffice: Ewell B55
Email: [[devond]]

David Wick

Wick, DavidInstructor of French Horn Office: Ewell B57
Email: [[dewick]]

Maria Yefimova

Yefimova, MariaInstructor of PianoOffice: Ewell 256
Email: [[myefimova]]
Website: {{}}

Judith Zwerdling Zwelling

Zwerdling Zwelling, JudithDirector of Applied Music, Ewell Concert Series Manager, Instructor of PianoOffice: Ewell 268, Ewell 256
Phone: (757) 221-1073
Email: [[jlzwel]]