COR Students

 Our students have an excellent record of external support in the form of grants and fellowships, as well as active participation in conferences and other professional engagements.

COR graduate students can take advantage of all the resources the College has to offer.

MS Students
Fall 2014 entering class Fall 2015 entering class Fall 2016 entering class
Alex Atkins Fasil Alemante

Nadia Aly

Josh Klein Zhiying Cui Yuan Chang
Rob Marty Anthony Finch Brock Crook
Honggang Hu Collin Henson
Andrew Turscak Hongyu Huang
Wanjing Wang Keara Jones
Zimu Zhang Michael Lefew
Jinyu Zhao Derek O'Connell
Melissa Tilashalski
Mat Turnansky
Ryan Webster
David Zavelsky 
Haotian Zhang
PhD Students
Applied Science
J. Scott Billie
Blair Sweigart