William & Mary

Computational Operations Research

The Department of Mathematics, in cooperation with the Departments of Computer Science, Applied Science, and Public Policy offer the following graduate degrees in Computational Operations Research (COR):

A Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science with specialization in COR.  Typically completed in four semesters, qualified students can fulfill the MS requirements in three semesters. Properly prepared WM undergraduates can earn the MS degree with one year of intensive study after completing their bachelor's degree.  Details on how to apply are provided by the Arts & Sciences Graduate Program.

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in either Applied Science or Computer Science specializing in COR.  PhD students in Applied Science generally emphasize modeling and applied mathematics, whereas PhD students in Computer Science generally emphsize computations.

A concurrent Master of Science (MS) and Master of Public Policy (MPP).  Students can simultaneously earn their MS and MPP in three years. 

The COR curriculum includes a wide range of courses taught by faculty in the Mathematics and Computer Science departments. Course offerings include linear programming, discrete optimization, nonlinear programming, deterministic and stochastic models, statistical decision theory, reliability, analysis of algorithms, discrete-event simulation, simulation languages, and a full range of computer science courses. The small size of graduate classes permits close faculty-student interaction.