The curriculum for students specializing in Computational Operations Research is designed to emphasize:  

  • applications to real-world problems 
  • computational experiences with both coding and specialized software
  • mathematical modeling and formulations
  • optimization algorithms and theory
  • simulation techniques and theory

At the same time, the curriculum strives to be flexible after core competencies in the listed areas are met.

Masters Requirements

Students must satisfy the following requirements to obtain a Masters degree in Computer Science specializing in Operations Research.

  • Students must complete at least 32 graduate credits
    • At least seven courses from this list of courses
    • Additional recommended courses can be found here
  • One of the following courses 
    • CSCI 698, Simulation and Modeling Project in Computational Operations Research
    • CSCI 708, Research Project in Computational Operations Research
    • CSCI 710, Research Project

Qualified students can normally fulfill the M.S. requirements in threesemesters although four semesters is suggested. Properly prepared WM undergraduates can earn the M.S. with one year of intensive study after completing their bachelor’s degree. Students pursuing a concurrent Masters of Public Policy degree must also satisfy the degree requirements specified by the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy.

Students interested in the requirements for a doctorate should contact [[rrkinc, Rex Kincaid]].    

Sample Curriculum 

The following sample curriculum indicates one sequence of courses that can be taken to fulfill the M.S. degree requirements.

Fall Semester I
Spring Semester I
Fall Semester II
  • Csci 688 Topics in Operations Research
  • Csci 658 Discrete Optimization
  • Csci 698 Simulation and Modeling Project in Computational Operations Research
Spring Semester II

A variety of elective courses exist at the College that may be substituted in the above sample curriculum. All plans of study are subject to the approval of a student's graduate committee.