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Operations Research (OR) practitioners model real world systems and analyze their behavior using a variety of mathematical and computational techniques. Although the term "operations research" stems from a study of military operations conducted during World War II, the scope of OR today encompasses a variety of problems in business, engineering, and economics, as well as the social and physical sciences. Career opportunities in OR are found in industry, in government and at academic institutions. Sample applications include airline crew scheduling, actuator placement in flexible space structures, efficient image reconstruction, allocation of spare parts, job shop scheduling, reliability, and performance analysis.

Operations research has been taught at William & Mary for over 30 years and the current Computational Operations Research curriculum has been in place since 1999. The COR faculty consists of professors from Applied Science, Computer Science, and Mathematics, and includes experts in convex programming, discrete optimization, nonlinear programming, simulation, and statistics.

Crucial support for COR comes from the Computational Science Cluster, a federation of departments and schools at William & Mary committed to fostering research and education in computational science. The Computational Science Cluster  includes the departments of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Applied Science.


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