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Information about the Department and the undergraduate curriculum can be obtained from the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies or any regular faculty member. Students must choose a faculty advisor at the time they declare the major, a process that ideally occurs in the spring of their sophomore year during pre-registration for fall classes. The major advisor can be any full-time faculty member with whom the student feels comfortable discussing a plan of study. Typically, students have taken a class or two with the professor who becomes their major advisor.


All full-time regular faculty in the Department are available to advise declared or prospective history majors. During the pre-registration period in both fall and spring, faculty post sign-up sheets on their office doors specifically for major advising. Students should make an appointment and arrive with the Declaration/Change of Major Form in hand and filled out to the best of their ability; they also must bring a copy of their current transcript or CAPP (degree audit) report. After completing and signing the Declaration Form, the student should take it to the department office, James Blair 330, for the departmental staff to copy and use as the basis of a new history major file. The student should deliver the original Declaration Form to the Registrar’s Office.


Transfer students who wish to major in History must meet with the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies who will serve as their initial advisor. Transfer students should schedule an appointment with the Associate Chair and bring to that meeting a copy of their transfer credit report from the Office of Academic Advising. In all other respects, transfer students follow the procedure outlined above for declaring a history major. In subsequent registration periods, transfer students may meet with an advisor of their choosing.


History students are strongly encouraged to meet once a semester with a faculty advisor, even after their major has been declared. Advisors can help history majors with course selection and the pursuit of a particular topical or geographical focus, as well as offer advice on honors work and career planning.