Graduation and Commencement


The University Registrar requires that each student file a Notice of Candidacy for Graduation Form prior to graduation. Any student expecting to graduate in May or the following August must submit the Notice of Candidacy form to the Registrar's Office by the specified deadline, which usually falls in late November, before the anticipated graduation date. See the registration bulletin for the exact deadline.

It is important that students file their Notices of Candidacy for Graduation (pdf) on time. By doing so, they ensure their full complement of Commencement tickets, the full printing of their names and hometowns in the Commencement program, and the receipt of their diplomas at the departmental commencement ceremony.

The Commencement Ceremony

May Commencement normally takes place on the Sunday immediately following the conclusion of final examinations. Students who have properly filed their Notice of Candidacy will receive information concerning the baccalaureate service, the candlelight ceremony, and the College Commencement ceremony from the Office of Student Affairs.

The day after the college-wide ceremony, graduating History majors and their families and friends are invited to attend the departmental ceremony, at which they will receive their diplomas, as well as any individual awards. After the presentation of diplomas, a reception is held in honor of the new graduates.

Students who are eligible to receive a degree in two majors will be asked in advance to select the department from which they wish to receive their diploma in person.