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Student Organization Requirements for A Home Without Hazing

Contact:  [[w|aharse, Anne Arseneau]]


Being demeaned or exposed to harm should never be part of your W&M experience. Know the requirements for Recognized Student Organizations for our Home Without Hazing initiative.

Full Description

Being demeaned or exposed to harm should never be part of the W&M experience. W&M has new legislative requirements (Adam’s Law) for hazing prevention education and outreach.  These requirements went into effect on July 1, 2022. SLD & the Hazing Prevention Coalition are excited to elevate the important work around hazing prevention to all students.

There are several things your organization needs to know as it relates to the legislation:

  • In-Person Training Requirements for specified organizations (including all prospective members PRIOR to joining). The list of specified organizations at W&M can be found here. 
  • The legislation requires that any student organization with new members will be required to participate in the in-person training(s). This is defined within the legislation as any organization for which “upon invitation to membership, individuals do not automatically become members of such organization and have a period of time between invitation for membership and being initiated into membership.” In-person trainings will take place for: Prospective Members, New Members, Current Members, and Advisors.
  • W&M has identified two categories of RSO’s that will participate in the Home Without Hazing Training.
    • Required by Commonwealth of Virginia AND William & Mary: these groups meet the legislative requirements for training under Adam’s Law and full compliance with training is required.
    • Required by William & Mary: these groups do not meet the definition under Adam’s Law for “student organization with new members” but have been identified as organizations that should be included in our prevention efforts (e.g. Sport Clubs). We will strive for active participation by these organizations because W&M believes access and participation in these trainings is important for a comprehensive hazing prevention approach at W&M.
  • A Home Without Hazing RSO Liaison: The identified organizations will receive additional information AND a request to identify a liaison from the organization to assist with training compliance.
  • Student Organization Conduct Histories: the conduct histories of RSO’s that pertain to hazing shall be maintained in prominent location on the institution’s website and a hardcopy notice of the nature and availability of the reports shall be provided to all attendees at student orientations.

W&M will focus on Prospective Member Trainings during the month of September. 

If you have questions, contact [[w|aharse, Anne Arseneau]]