Matoaka Boathouse



  • Boathouse is Closed for the Summer.  
  • Fishing Update: Shoreline fishing IS PERMITTED with a W&M Id. and valid VA freshwater fishing license. Fishing is permitted from sunrise to sunset.  Fishing is NOT permitted from the Boathouse dock.Fishing from a boat is NOT permitted.  Research fishing is only
  • Boat Landing Clean-up and Restoration: All personal boats will now be removed from the boathouse and dock area.  Locks will be cut. Boats will be held for 90 days and then will be placed in surplus or discarded.


Paddling Seasons:
Fall Semester

The Boathouse will open a couple weeks after the first day of classes and closes at the end of October.

Spring Semester

The Boathouse will open after Spring Break and will close the day after LDOC. 

Summer Semester

The Boathouse is closed during the summer.

No alcohol, fishing, or swimming is permitted.

Boathouse Hours:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3:00-5:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday

2:00-5:00 pm


Inclement Weather:

The Boathouse will close at any time due to inclement weather condition such as, strong winds, rain, snow, thunder, and lightning.

Requirements for checking out vessels:
  • William & Mary Student ID
  • Alumni and Guests must provide a valid driver's license.
The Boathouse is located near the Briggs Amphitheater. Follow the gravel road behind Miller Hall (Mason School of Business). Parking is to the left at the bottom of the hill (college parking decal required). The Boathouse is the green concrete block building closest to the lake.
Additional Information:

Please contact Tribe Adventure Program at or 757-221-2687