Uploading Documents

So you want to share a PDF or other document with the world? Follow these steps...

(If you've uploaded a document and need to update it, replace the existing version instead.)

  1. Remove any spaces or upper case letters in your file name – this will become the system File Name and URL for the uploaded file (ex. basket-weaving-form.pdf).
  2. Navigate to and select the documents folder. If you don't have a storage folder, create one.
  3. From the top toolbar, choose Add Content >> File.
  4. Enter a Display Name and Title (these should match).
  5. Click "Drop a file here or choose one from your computer" to find the file on your computer and then Open.
  6. Choose "Save & Preview" – then Submit >> Check Content & Submit

Remember that you've just uploaded this document into the Cascade Server database. It is not available on the World Wide Web until you publish it. And it is not easily found by visitors until you link to it on a page.

*Note that the document size limit is about 9.7 MB. If you have documents that exceed this limit review the Storage Options and contact [[creative]]. For PDFs that exceed the file size limit, you can first try the online tool SmallPDF to compress your PDF (using this site you can also merge and split PDFs and convert PPT, JPG, Excel or Word documents to PDF).

Document Accessibility

A document is considered accessible if it meets certain technical criteria and can be used by people with disabilities. It’s important to make sure your documents are accessible before uploading them into Cascade.