Andrew Bauserman

Andrew Bauserman

Senior Web Architect

Office: Discovery 2, room 141
Email: [[wabaus]]
Phone: (757) 221-7542
Twitter: {{, @wabaus}}

About Me

I'm a family man. My wife Jill (M.A.Ed '97) and daughter Courtney keep my life interesting—and help me keep balance between work and home.

I'm also an unapologetic science, technology, and A/V geek!

I cut my teeth on a Science Project 75-in-One Electronic Project Kit while in elementary school—good off-season practice for wiring up Dad's pre-war Lionel train set under the Christmas tree. My computer experience moved from a Sinclair ZX81 (with the 16KB expansion cartridge!) and Apple IIe in junior high, through a few years with DOS and dumb terminals on a Prime mini-computer in college. After some years managing a Novell network of Windows 95/98 PCs and picking up languages from Pascal to Visual Basic, I have found a niche vacillating between Windows and Macintosh computers, with the occasional dalliance with the Linux distro de jour, and hacking a bit of alphabet-soup web code (HTML+CSS+SQL inside a PHP or CFML wrapper).

In addition to computers, I've dabbled in a variety of audio/visual technologies—photography using dissolve units to synchronize multiple slide projectors with an audio track, videography using a live switcher with multiple cameras and post-production A-B roll edits, and stage lighting using Strand Century and other cool gear. But I've always come back to audio.

I've been hooked on music (of various genres) since the 1970s, and a diversity of podcasts since 2005. I also share with my daughter an affinity for audio books (aka books on tape). But sound design and mixing is my avocation. I have had the opportunity over the years to provide this service to dozens of community and theatrical events, and thousands of church services.


I'm a local boy. After graduating from Hampton High School in 1987, I followed my father's legacy with a concentration in Physics and minor in Mathematics at William & Mary (B.S. 1991 with departmental honors).

I delayed my entry into the real world by signing on as a technical intern for the Virginia Shakespeare Festival in the summer of 1991—bringing my total credit-hours in Theatre, Speech, and Dance to twenty-one (to be clear, that's eighteen in Theatre, three in Speech, and zero in Dance).

After a winter away from the 'burg, I returned to my Alma Mater for a Master's in Education, concentrating in K-12 Administration and Supervision (M.Ed. 1994).

In the subsequent years I have completed one master's-level and two doctoral-level courses in education; attended training by 3Com, Oracle, and the SANS Institute; and received Training of Technical Trainers certification. I continue to attend conferences, occasionally presenting as well.

Professional Experience

During my 7 year hiatus from William & Mary, I served as a high school science teacher (3 years), technical director of the theater (5 years), and computer-coordinator/Director of Technology (7 years) for a local independent school. In addition to teaching duties, I was responsible for set design and construction, as well as sound and lighting design and production for 3 main-stage productions and various grade-level and community events (symphony orchestras, beauty pageants, and body builders) taking place in the auditorium each year. I also had responsibility for the bell, phone, and computer systems at the school. When I left in 2001, I was managing 2 Windows 2000 and 5 Novell Netware servers, over 100 networked computers (100Mbps to the desktop), and a fiber-optic backbone providing 1Gbps between the two main buildings, 100Mbps to several remote buildings and a T1 (1.544Mbps synchronous) internet connection.

Since returning to the university as an employee in July of 2001, my responsibilities have shifted and developed. Over the last few years I have taught staff how to write web code, built a tool kit that obviated the need for staff to learn web code, and written custom web applications. My current role, Senior Web Architect, is a bit of a catch-all encompassing erstwhile facilitator of the University Web & Design team in specifying the university's web infrastructure, application architect and system analyst developing functional specifications for various web applications, maintainer for miscellaneous existing web applications, and programmer doing some actual coding to boot.


I have worked with others in University Web & Design to produce a simple web-form and data-collection tool we call Tribe Responses, the new Events system for W&M's web environment, as well as supporting code for other projects.

For several years I facilitated the Web Operations Team, and have served on several campus and IT committees—from the RFP committee for re.web, to a search committee for a web programmer position at Swem Library.

Past projects in which I have served as technical lead include:

  • Course Evaluation System
  • Protocol and Compliance Management System
  • W&M Web Templates
  • re.Web (co-technical lead)
  • AlcoholEdu single sign-on
  • iTunesU at W&M and iTunesU single sign-on
  • Tribe Voices (co-technical lead)
  • Digital Information Literacy (DIL) Evaluation
  • Education Policy Committee GER management system
  • President's Collection of Student and Faculty Art web site
  • Student Happenings email newsletter
  • Web front-end for W&M Digest, GreekDigest and LawSchoolCommunity listservs
Personal Interests

Outside of work hours you might find me watching my daughter's latest drama performance, helping my wife at a local craft show, or hanging out with my family at a local theme park.

Most weekends you'll find me mixing sound for Coastal Community Church. My iPod keeps me at the top of my game as I commute from Newport News listening to the AudioNowCastSecurity Now, This Week in Google, Windows Weekly, or FLOSS Weekly. And I exercise the little grey cells reading an occasional physics piece—most recently Richard Feynman's The Pleasure of Finding Things Out and Information: The New Language of Science by my freshman physics professor, Hans Christian von Baeyer, PhD. (To re-appropriate a characterization of Wolfgang Pauli, Dr. von Baeyer is "a natural philosopher in the classical sense of the phrase." If you haven't read any of his books, I recommend them!)

If I make it outdoors during the warm season, my favorite activity is canoeing at Newport News Park—an activity to which I was excited to introduce my daughter the last few summers.