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Your Options & Rights

William & Mary is committed to treating survivors with dignity and respect, therefore has established the following rights.

  • The right to be treated with respect by university officials
  • The right to confidentiality, to the extent possible and permitted by university policy and the law
  • The right to be informed of and have access to resources for medical, counseling, and advisory services, both on campus and in the community
  • The right to have the report responded to promptly and with sensitivity
  • The right to a thorough and impartial investigation
  • The right to be informed of relevant provisions of applicable policies and procedures
  • The right to have an advisor of your choice to attend meetings
  • The right to have university policies and procedures followed without material deviation
  • The right not to be retaliated against, or any of your family or friends to be retaliated against, for filing a report or participating in an investigation
  • The right not to have unrelated prior sexual history considered as evidence
  • The right to have the determination made using the preponderance of the evidence standard
  • The right to be notified in writing of the outcome & sanction(s) at the same time as the respondent
  • The right to appeal the outcome
  • The right to continued support and access to campus resources through the appeal period