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Rental Vehicles

Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Rental Car Rentals

The Enterprise vehicle rental contract is for William & Mary and VIMS employees who are conducting official College business.  This contract is a mandatory source and is required to be used when obtaining a rental vehicle for business. If you have any questions regarding the Enterprise Agreement, please contact Procurement Services.   

The Vehicle Use Policy applies for all business or university-related activity rentals:

  • Drivers must be at least 21 years of age to rent any vehicle for business.
  • Tolls and parking fees are not part of the rental and are the responsibility of the driver. Unpaid tolls & parking violations are the driver's expense.
  • Deposits are waived for business rentals if directly billed to a department's "DIRECT BILL" account. Special billing number is required when using a "DIRECT BILL" account.
  • Rental of 15 passenger van is not allowed.
William and Mary /Enterprise Agreement Summary 

(Rate expiration: December 31, 2026)

Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental            

Business Rental ID# XZ21032, pin: WIL (or unique billing# if available) 

Check with your Department Administrator to see if your department has a unique billing number. Rental Agencies do not have access to this number.

Use of this ID without unique billing # will require payment with driver’s credit card at the time of pickup.  Taxes are applicable and may be reimbursable by Travel.

Use of ID #XZ21032 without a unique direct billing account number will require payment with the driver's credit card at the time of pickup. Taxes are applicable and may be reimbursed through Travel. For more information, please see the Transportation section under Travel Policy.

W&M Guests and Personal Use Vehicle Rentals

W&M Guest and Personal Use ID#: 21A6661, pin: WMP

Rental rates may be extended to University Employees for personal use and University incoming guests (non-employees). VA taxes and surcharges will apply on these rentals.

Employees are to identify themselves as a William & Mary employee at the time of reservation and indicate the personal use ID# at the time of reservation.

Non-University Employees or incoming guest are to indicate the personal use ID# at the time of reservation and may seek reimbursement as applicable.

The University's contracted damage waiver is not included on personal rentals.

The Business Rental ID shall not be used for W&M guests and personal use.

Direct Billing Accounts

Direct bill accounts provide travelers with the ability to directly bill the rental to the department’s account without having to provide payment at time of pick up. Direct Bill accounts are only established for departments that rent regularly an average of 3 or more times a month.  Departments that wish to establish direct billing should contact Procurement prior to contacting Enterprise.

At the time of reservation, you must provide Enterprise Rent-A-Car with your department's Direct Bill number AND Billing number to ensure proper billing.  If you do not know your Direct Bill and Billing number, contact your Department's business administrator for this information.  

For security reasons, Enterprise/National DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS to Department Billing numbers.  

Print a Receipt Online

Employees who need to obtain a receipt from Enterprise Rent-A-Car can do so online at Receipts are available 48 hours after Enterprise Rent-A-Car has closed the rental contract.  The information required to obtain receipt online: Renters Last Name & Driver’s License #. Receipts are available online for up to 6 months.

Free Emerald Club Enrollment.
  • Faster Reservations - online, on the phone, with your travel agent, at a participating locations
  • Faster Rentals Special Members' Line  or Bypassing the counter and choose the vehicle from the ‘Emerald Aisle’ for airport pickups
  • Drop and Go for express vehicle returns at airport locations
  • Member Discounts
  • Business Rental Program rates and benefits applied to every rental
    •  Emerald Club Link: (Direct billing to the College  for business rentals may be added to your  Emerald Club enrollment if available.)  Please note: This program is set up as user specific so the traveler’s personal address is needed for completion.
Reporting Accidents: 

All accidents occurring with rental vehicles on official University business should be reported, See Risk Management, auto accidents at: