Conference Proposals

We invite conference proposals through January 24, 2018.  Proposals submitted by December 8, 2017 will receive priority consideration. Proposed conference workshops should be 50 minutes in length and should encourage active learning among participants. 

The William & Mary Active Citizens Conference 2018 is a space for educating, uniting, and inspiring active citizens, and this year's conference theme is The Skills of Freedom. 

More about our theme:

“Who would not want to go to school to learn the skills of freedom?” –Convocation Remarks by Justice John Charles Thomas.

As active citizens on campuses across the country, how are our efforts developing the skills of freedom in ourselves and our communities. At this year’s Active Citizens Conference we will explore what the skills of freedom are, how we practice them, and what freedom means in communities large and small.

We will prioritize proposals which highlight any of the following:

  • Sustained commitment to empowerment and justice
  • Key concepts of democratic engagement and citizenship
  • Skills and practices which further the freedom of individuals and communities
More about successful proposals:
  • Workshops should provide participants opportunities to engage with each other in learning about the session topic and applying it to their unique situations. This might include facilitated discussions, panels, dialogues, reflection techniques, integration of media, arts or other creative formats, learning exchanges and other activities that engage participants in collective problem solving or other tasks.
  • Workshops will be 50 minutes long. Consider what you can comfortably fit in that 50 minute session and make clear in your session proposal how you plan to divide your time. 
  • Team presentations are encouraged by students, staff, faculty, community partners. Active citizenship calls us to work together for community change. 
  • Undergraduate students who are leading workshop sessions are required to identify a faculty/staff member who will review and provide feedback on a run-through of their session before February 17.  
  • We are seeking sessions which are open to a variety of experience levels.  If you have an intended audience for your session (e.g. alternative break participants, first year students, etc.)  share that with us in your conference proposal. A reminder that most participants will be undergraduate students.
More about active citizenship:
The William & Mary Office of Community Engagement is proud to partner with Break Away, a national alternative breaks program, and we utilize their active citizens continuum across our efforts.  According to this continuum, as individuals engage with communities together they can move from member, volunteer, and conscientious citizen to active citizen. An active citizen is one who prioritizes community in their values and life choices and works with others to promote positive community-driven social change.