How to Renew Accommodations

STEP 1: Log in to your Accommodate Account.

STEP 2: You will see green tabs at the top of your Accommodate homepage. These green tabs will include “Accommodation”, “Appointment”, “Profile”, “Documents”, “Resources”, “Calendar”, and if you receive certain accommodations like Testing Accommodations, a tab indicating that accommodation will also appear in green at the top of your homepage. 

Step Two Accommodation Home Page

STEP 3: Navigate to the “Accommodation” tab. On this page you will see gray tabs under the heading “accessibility”. These tabs include “Accessibility Request”, “Accessibility Letters”, “Semester Request”, and “Equipment”.

Step Three Navigate to Accommodation Tab

Step Three Accommodation Tab Home Page

STEP 4: Navigate to the “Semester Request” tab. Note: If you hover your mouse over the green “Accommodation” tab on the homepage, a drop down menu will appear. You can also navigate to the “Semester Request” page from this drop down menu.  On this page you will see a list of approved accommodations. If there is an accommodation that you think you made need for your classes that is not listed, please contact SAS to set up an appointment to review your accommodations.

Step Four Semester Request Drop Down Menu

Step Four Request Accommodation Home Screen

STEP 5: Navigate to the “Request Accommodation” button on the bottom left of the page. On this page you will see a drop down menu for “Accommodation Type”. Choose which accommodation you would like to renew for the semester. (Note: You will have to repeat this process for each accommodation you would like to renew). Then choose which semester you would like the accommodations to apply from the drop down menu. (Note: As soon as you choose a semester, the “date” option at the bottom of the screen will disappear).

Step Five Accommodation Request Home Screen

Step Five Choose Which Accommodation you would like to Renew

Step Five Choose which Semester you would like the Accommodation

Once you make this selection, the courses you have registered for will populate under “Courses”. You should then choose which classes you would like that specific accommodation to apply to. It is important to note that every class you have registered for, regardless of if you have dropped the class, will show up on this list, so be careful when you are choosing which courses you would like accommodations for and only apply accommodations to classes you are going to take.

Step Five Notes on Class Selection

STEP 6: If you would like to let SAS know that you would like to adjust your accommodations, you may indicate that in “If other, please specify here”. If you do not need any adjustments in your accommodations, you can automatically renew your accommodations. If, however, you would like to make changes to your accommodations, you must contact and/or meet with SAS staff depending on the extent of the adjustment.

STEP 7: Choose the “Submit” button at the bottom left of the page. Please note, you MUST repeat steps 1-7, including choosing “Submit” for EVERY accommodation you would like to receive that semester.

             For Example, the previous picture shows that the student chose to apply the 25% extended time for classes in Spring 2016. The student would have to go back and perform the same steps in order to receive a quiet, private testing environment accommodation.

Repeat Process for Additional Accommodations

Repeat Process for Each Accommodation

Repeat Renewal Process for Each Accommodation

Once you have submitted your request, it may take 2-3 business days for your accommodations to be processed. At the beginning of each semester, letters of accommodation are usually sent the second week of Add/Drop. Please contact or 757-221-2509 if you have questions.