Faculty Liaisons

We recognize that faculty are likely to approach their faculty colleagues first if they have questions or encounter issues regarding the Honor Code. The liaison program is designed to provide trained, knowledgeable faculty in each department who can serve as an informed resource for fellow faculty members and who are aware of whom to contact with questions or concerns.

Liaisons have received specialized training on the Honor Code and related procedures in order to serve as peer resources for their fellow faculty. Please feel free to contact the faculty members below with questions or requests for assistance. As always, instructors also are welcome to contact our staff at cvrp@wm.edu or 757-221-2509 with any questions, requests for advice, or requests to become a liaison for their department.

Department Liaison Email
Engligh Suzanne Raitt sxrait@wm.edu
Chemistry J.C. Poutsma jcpout@wm.edu
Kinesiology and Health Affairs Carrie Dolan cbdolan@wm.edu
Biology John Swaddle jpswad@wm.edu
Geology Brent Owens beowen@wm.edu
Modern Languages Brett Brehm brbrehm@wm.edu
Math Leah Shaw lbshaw@wm.edu
Music Max Katz mgkatz@wm.edu
Africana Studies Iyabo Osiapem ifosiapem@wm.edu
Philosophy Phil Swenson pjswenson@wm.edu
Government Paul Manna pmanna@wm.edu
Psychology Chris Ball ctball@wm.edu
Sociology Jennifer Bikham-Mendez jbmend@wm.edu
Theater, Speech, Dance Elizabeth Wiley eawile@wm.edu