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Academic Suspension

Students are required to meet Continuance Standards set by William & Mary in order to progress academically.  An academic suspension constitutes a complete severance from W&M.  Students' transcripts will have the notation "Academic Suspension."

A student who believes that his or her special and compelling circumstances should be taken into consideration, may appeal. It is highly recommended that a student communicate with staff in the Dean of Students Office prior to making an appeal. A student appeals by submitting a written statement of the circumstances and conditions affecting his/her academic performance to the Committee on Academic Status. Students will receive an electronic letter containing specific deadlines for the appeals process. We encourage students to work with our staff at each stage of this process. 

When appealing a second and final academic suspension, a student may request to appear before the Committee on Academic Status in person. A consultation with a Dean is required prior to the appeal date.

Once the academic suspension is finalized, students should contact the following offices for pertinent information regarding their absence from campus: