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Policies for FlexTrack Students

FlexTrack is a program for non-traditional students with significant time constraints outside of the classroom, an example being family commitments, full-time employment, etc.  FlexTrack students can take anywhere between 3 to 18 credits per semester, however, many FlexTrack students, do take a full course load (taking up to 12 credits or more). It all depends on how William & Mary fits into your life. This program is meant to be flexible, after all! 
Applying to FlexTrack
How many FlexTrack students are admitted each year?

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions admits a maximum of 20 FlexTrack students per year.

How can I enroll as a FlexTrack student?

Your application for admission should indicate your desire to enroll as a FlexTrack student. Questions can be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

How do I switch from full‐time to FlexTrack status?

If you are already a full‐time student and have compelling reasons to move to FlexTrack status, you must petition the Committee on Academic Status. Compelling reasons may include new family responsibilities, and significant changes in life circumstances. You should meet with a staff member in our office to discuss your situation.

How do I switch from FlexTrack to full‐time status?

If you are a FlexTrack student who wants to become full‐time, you must petition the Committee on Academic Status.

Academic Policies
What are the credit load requirements of FlexTrack students?

In their first semester, FlexTrack students are limited to no more than 10 credit hours. After that, they determine credit loads (between 3 and 18 per semester) at their own discretion. They must, however, earn a minimum of 12 credit hours each calendar year (two semesters and a summer term) and complete all degree and major requirements within 10 years from the start of their program.

What if a FlexTrack student needs to take a break for a semester or two?

Notify the Dean of Students Office in advance if you are taking a break.

Do I have to maintain a GPA standard (continuance) as a FlexTrack student?


  • 1.7 cumulative GPA by the end of a nine credit term
  • 1.7 cumulative GPA by the end of a 21 credit term
  • 1.85 cumulative GPA by the end of a 33 credit term
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA by the end of a 48 credit term
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA by the end of each successive term
Tuition and Financial Aid
What are the financial (tuition) differences between FlexTrack and full‐time students?

FlexTrack students are only charged by credit hour while enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours, which means they only pay for the classes they take and not any additional William & Mary Services (e.g. Health Center, Fitness Center).  If FlexTrack students enroll in a full credit load (12 or more), they will be charged full tuition and fees. The additional fees cover other services available to students enrolled in a full credit load (e.g. Health Center, Fitness Center). There is no option for FlexTrack students to pay fees if taking fewer than 12 credits.

Fees, Activities, and Health Insurance
Can FlexTrack students have access to campus activities and services (i.e., recreational center, counseling center, intramural activities, bus service, entry to intercollegiate sporting events)?

Students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours pay all student fees and are therefore eligible for these services/opportunities. Students enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours are not eligible.

Are FlexTrack students eligible for the student health care policy?

Students who are enrolled in 12 or more credits are eligible; otherwise they are not eligible.

Can FlexTrack students live in William & Mary residence halls?

Student housing is reserved for full-time students. As such, FlexTrack students are not provided on campus housing.

Must a FlexTrack student who is taking less than a full course load provide proof of immunization and proof of insurance to the Student Health Center?

FlexTrack students taking fewer than 12 credit hours do NOT have to comply with the Health Center Student Requirements.  However, if a FlexTrack student registered for 12 or more credit hours then they MUST comply with the Health Care Center by submitting the appropriate forms by the posted deadlines, specifically the Health Evaluation Form or the Student Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Form.