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Facility & Grounds Changes

Title: Approval of Maintenance, Repair, Modification, and Construction of University Facilities or on University Grounds
Effective Date: January 3, 2017
Responsible Office: Facilities Management
Last Updated: First Version

I. Scope 

This policy applies to all University Facilities and Grounds owned by William & Mary (the university), with the exception of Facilities or Grounds owned or controlled by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. It applies to all maintenance, repair, modification (including renovation and improvement), construction, and related activities on facilities or grounds within the care, custody and control of the university. This policy applies regardless of the source of funds used to perform such work.

II. Purpose 

University Facilities and Grounds and their maintenance, repair, modification, and construction are governed by many technically complex and overlapping local, state and federal laws, ordinances, regulations and policies. To ensure that the university functions safely, efficiently and legally within this regulatory framework and to provide for effective planning and operation, this policy centralizes approval and management of maintenance, repair, modification and construction with the professional team of facilities specialists within the Office of Facilities Management.

III. Definitions
  • University Facility: Any improvement (roofed or non-roofed), to include fields and infrastructure, owned by or otherwise entrusted to the university for maintenance, repair, modification, or construction. The facility typically includes all attached systems and components. Detached equipment, such as furniture, are not typically considered part of the facility for the purposes of this policy. Specialty equipment, such as ovens and dishwashers, are not typically considered part of the facility for the purposes of this policy, provided that installation of specialty equipment is subject to this policy.
  • University Grounds: Any land owned by or otherwise entrusted to the university for stewardship. 
IV. Policy

Facilities Management serves as the administrative unit responsible for management of any maintenance, repair, modification, and construction to University Facilities and Grounds. Facilities Management establishes and maintains standards of design, construction, modification and renovation for University Facilities and Grounds in conjunction with other departments as appropriate. 

  • All requests for maintenance, repair, modification, and construction of University Facilities and Grounds must be submitted to Facilities Management for review and approval. (The procedure for submittal of a service request is on the Facilities Management website.)  Facilities Management will coordinate appropriate review and action by internal and external stakeholders and governing bodies.
  • University employees, except those employed or authorized by Facilities Management, are prohibited from making (or causing to be made) any physical modification of University Facilities and Grounds, without approval under this policy.
  • Operation of computer network wiring/media, telecommunication wiring/media and associated equipment is the responsibility of Office of Information Technology (IT). IT and Facilities Management share responsibility for design and installation of technology systems.
  • All facility documents and records are to be stored and maintained by Facilities Management.
V. Approval, Amendment & Interpretation

This policy was approved by the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration. The Associate Vice President of Facilities Management is charged with interpretation of this policy and its periodic review to ensure continued effectiveness.