Working groups and projects

Active working groups and projects currently under development
  • Digital Learning Environment: APeL is currently working with a variety of stakeholders across campus to evaluate the college's Digital Learning Environment (DLE). A DLE is the ecosystem where Blackboard, WordPress, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, and many other tools reside. Read more about the progress of the DLE project here.
  • WordPress for academic use: WordPress is a great web development platform, but more and more instructors are using it for course delivery and student projects. APeL, IT, and University Web and Design are working to create and maintain a WordPress environment specifically geared toward academic use.
  • Classroom inventory: APeL is working with the Registrar’s Office, Information Technology, Facilities Management and others to aggregate information related to W&M’s classrooms. One important goal of this project is to make it much easier for faculty and administrators to find the best available space for their needs. See the 2017 Provost's eLearning Committee Report for more information on the goals of this project
  • Presidents Disabilities Working Group: President Taylor Reveley formed the Disability Working Group in February of 2017, charging it with thinking beyond mere compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act to more broadly meeting the needs of university community members “who deal daily with mobility, visual, hearing, neurological and other such impairments.” As a part of the group of faculty, administrators, and students working to identify and address issues affecting people with disabilities on the William & Mary campus, APeL representatives are specifically focused on issues involving eLearning.  
  • EPC COLL 100 - 150 Advisory Committee: This committee, consisting of faculty members, CLA representatives, librarians, and APeL eLearning specialists, advise the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) on the applications for new COLL 100 and 150 courses.

Project Archives
  • Poll Everywhere: In August 2017, William & Mary adopted Poll Everywhere (PollEv) as the official student response system. PollEv offers a web-based platform and presentation integration options to support student engagement and immediate feedback via multiple question types. Students can respond on any device and their answers are immediately aggregated and displayed. To learn more about PollEv usage, see the IT Services page. To learn more about APeL’s efforts in piloting and adopting PollEv, read our pilot study report.