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Employees to be recognized for service

The following people will be recognized in a virtual ceremony at 10 a.m. June 22, 2020, for reaching milestones in their years of service to the university or Commonwealth of Virginia. Those being recognized have served W&M or the state for five101520253035 and 40 years. Virginia Institute of Marine Science employees will be recognized at a separate ceremony. - Ed. 

40 years

Gwendolyn “Marie” Bell, Dining Services (Commons)

35 years

Janet W. Balentine, General Accounting

William M. Epperson, Facilities Management

Dilcia S. Hornung, Office of the Registrar 

30 years

Victoria “Vicky” Baker, Dining Services (Commons)

Ivan W. Cosby, Facilities Management

Deborah L. Davenport, Archaeological Research

Teri Edmundson, University Communications

Betta Labanish, Law Library

David F. Morrill, School of Law

Shelfer D. Peace, Athletic Department

Sherry L. Peace, Facilities Management

Jody T. Williams, Facilities Management 

25 years

Ray A. Burks, University Centers

Elizabeth A. DeWees, Facilities Management

Elizabeth R. Dolan, Admission

Cynthia B. Gillman, University Advancement

John S. Hayes, Information Technology

Theresa M. Lightfoot, Facilities Management

James E. Martin, Facilities Management

Donald McGriff, Facilities Management

Melissa Meekins, Child Care Center

Robert G. Olson, Auxiliary Services

Maria E. Pada, Human Resources

Der-Hong Shieh, Chemistry

Joanne F. Taylor, Office of the Registrar

Terry Trojak, School of Business

Shannon L. Turnage, Office of the Registrar

20 years

Dana D. Anderson-Radcliffe, Residence Life

Susan E. Ballard-Huther, School of Business

Maureen G. Bounds, Student Health Center

Irving G. Bullock, University Advancement

Roger O. Clark, Information Technology

Carla A. Costello, Office of Compliance and Equity

John D. Falin, Facilities Management

Joyce R. Holmes, Classical Studies

Ruby R. Holmes, Facilities Management

Sherri T. Kelley, Facilities Management

Peter C. Kellogg, Information Technology

Linda A. Knight, Campus Recreation

Jaime L. LaBianco, Athletic Department

Nina D. Lyttle, Facilities Management

Julie P. Martin, Information Technology

Jennifer J. Morgan, University Advancement

Richard A. Morgan, Facilities Management

Timothy M. Russell, Facilities Management

Andrew D. Stelljes, Student Leadership Development

Charlotte D. Tabb, Keck Lab

Richard M. Thompson, University Centers

David E. Trott, Admission

Gina C. Woodward, Swem Library 

15 years

Rebecca L. Beasley, School of Education

Amy R. Blackburn, School of Business

Julia A. Brown, Career Center

Beverly Carnahan, Child Care Center

Archie Carter, Dining Services (Marketplace)

Jennifer R. Dunfee, Campus Recreation

Diane F. Dye, ID Office

Kristen D. Fagan, Office of Administration

Lynette D. Fleming, Facilities Management

Melissa A. Flewellyn. Information Technology

Gail B. Hardinge, School of Education

Jacqulyn R. Johnson, Computer Science

Pamela H. Mason, Office of the Provost

Joseph M. McClain, University Communications

Jason P. McDevitt, Technology Transfer

Robin L. McDow, Global Research Institute

Donna McDowell, Dining Services (Sadler)

Elizabeth J. Monroe, Archaeological Research

Shelley R. Paulson, Health and Wellness

Janet Y. Pollard, Facilities Management

Janni R. Ramirez, Financial Aid

William P. Robbins, Information Technology

Ramona J. Sein, School of Law

Venus M. Spencer, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Olga Trofimova, Applied Research Center

Virginia D. Wells, Student Health Center

Eleonor V. Wilkinson, Physics 

10 years

Emily H. Bailey, International Studies

Amanda K. Barth, School of Business

Brandon R. Bell, Information Technology

Ruth A. Birkelbach, School of Law

John C. Bjers, Facilities Management

Benjamin I. Boone, Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Brenda L. Brooks, Facilities Management

Charita L. Carroll, Student Health Center

Shewlyn R. Chen-Stewart, Information Technology

Tracy L. Coates, School of Education

Joseph R. Cunningham, Information Technology

Jennifer Currin, Dining Services (Catering)

JoAnn Debro, General Accounting

Allison Edwards-Thomas, School of Business

Terence A. Fassanella, Residence Life

Xia Feng, Institutional Research

Phillip C. Fenstermacher, Information Technology

Joshua P. Frederick, Information Technology

Patricia A. Fredrick, Student Leadership Development

Laura S. Hild, Information Technology

Idella "Missy“ Hogg, Dining Services (Admin)

Julie Y. Hummel, School of Business

Agatha Johnson, Dining Services (Catering)

John B. Jones, Facilities Management

Kirsten A. Kellogg, University Advancement

Erica M. Lawler, Sponsored Programs

Mariellynn D. Maurer, Conference Services

William C. Morrison, Facilities Management

Daniel P. Norton, Information Technology

William R. Roberts, Information Technology

Vincent R. Roggero, Biology

Betty J. Sibley, Swem Library

Jessica F. Skinner, University Advancement

Jeanne N. Smith, English

Sarah M. Smith, Athletic Department

Eric M. Taylor, Facilities Management

Linda K. Tesar, Law Library

Candice A. VanBibber, Information Technology

Song C. Vick, Applied Research Center

Benjamin C. Walker, Facilities Management

Kimberly Williamson, Dining Services (Sadler)

Christopher G. Wilson, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Christine Wright, Dining Services (Marketplace) 

Five years

Khalida “KK” Abdula, Dining Services (Sadler)

Joycelyn Adams, Payroll

Lenorah Adams, Dining Services (ISC3)

James R. Agnew, Athletic Department

Craig R. Anzalone, University Advancement

Lianne R. Ashburne, Applied Science

Karen D. Bailey, General Accounting

Katelyn A. Barney, University Advancement

Dietra J. Baytop, School of Law

David S. Bihl, School of Law

LaDonna M. Brown, Financial Operations

Patricia N. Burdette, University Advancement

Keith Carr, Dining Services (Admin)

Deb Cheesebro, W & M Police

Tiffany B. Christian, Athletic Department

Cynthia Claiborne, Dining Services (Marketplace)

Kelley S. Clark, School of Education

Michael E. Cole, Sponsored Programs

Ann G. Covington, Auxiliary Services

Jamie Cox, School of Education

Sarah A. Crowe, W & M Police

Renee A. Davis, University Advancement

Trudy Deely, Child Care Center

Tassanee Delph, Dining Services (Cosi)

Laura E. Doherty, School of Business

Michael R. Draeger, Art & Art History

Katie L. Everingham, Financial Operations

Melissa Falvo-McCalman, Dining Services (Catering)

Jacqueline E. Foley, University Advancement

James C. Glosson, Swem Library

Heather E. Golden, University Advancement

Seth M. Goodman, Inst Theory & Int'l Relations

Kelly D. Graham, School of Law

Christopher C. Groman, Facilities Management

Rebecca M. Halleran Latourell, Inst Theory & Int'l Relations

Gerry D. Hatchett, Student Health Center

Alex A. Heacock, Athletic Department

Aldontae (Donnie) Heavens, Dining Services (Commons)

Deborah L. Hite, Student Affairs

Jerry W. Holleman, Investment Administration

Louis B. Hubert, Information Technology

DeCarlos J. King, Facilities Management

Gerald H. Kinney, Facilities Management

Jamee Kuehner, Facilities Management

Calandra A. Lake, Strategic Initiatives

Marisa LeForge, Anthropology

Richard N. Long, University Advancement

Zhonghui Lv, Global Research Institute

Laken Marley, Procurement Office

Joan I. Mastricola, University Advancement

Sara E. Meier, Biology

Sarah E. Melchior, Office of University Counsel

Dolores B. Metcalf, Information Technology

Redouane "Red“ Mhamed, Dining Services (Commons)

Alzeonia Morton, University Advancement

Stephen Moyer, Dining Services (Sadler)

Margaret T. Musselwhite, OIEAHC

Morgan Nazareth, Dining Services (Tribe Market)

Linda S. Nelson, University Advancement

Arielle S. Newby, Office of the Provost

Catherine A. Parker, Facilities Management

Katherine S. Paschal, University Advancement

Christine H. Peterson, School of Education

Melissa M. Pettigrew, Information Technology

Yvonne S. Phelps-Bey, Residence Life

Kathleen I. Powell, Career Center

Carlo Primero, Information Technology

Maria V. Reyes, Inst Accred & Effectiveness

Donald Richardson, Dining Services (Marketplace)

Charles J. Ritinski, Human Resources

Ann T. Ruble, University Advancement

Michael S. Ryan, School of Business

Jennifer L. Salyers, School of Law

Maria Silva, Dining Services (Sadler)

Elizabeth D. Snavely, School of Business

Nancy A. Stahon, James Monroe's Highland

Nancy K. Stetz, James Monroe's Highland

Sarah Stewart, Child Care Center

Richard Stoutingberg, Dining Services (Marketplace)

Julie G. Summs, Econ Dev & Business Innovation

Pamela Suzadail, School of Business

Edward F. Teer, Athletic Department

Linda S. Triponi, Anthropology

Michael N. Umberger, School of Law

Sergio N. Vasquez, International Studies

Jason Vercammen, Dining Services (Marketplace)

Shane J. Vernarsky, Athletic Department

Elizabeth H. Vining, University Advancement

Jennifer P. Wall, University Advancement

Kenneth A. White, School of Business

Robert White, Dining Services (Sadler)

Valerie T. Wilkins, University Advancement

Cortney M. Will, Strategic Initiatives

Cami V. Williams, School of Education

Gail F. Williams, Academic Advising

Zabrina K. Williams, International Studies

Cassie J. Wilson, Office of the Registrar