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W&M thanks employees for longtime service

The following people will be recognized June 13, 2018, for reaching milestones in their years of service to the university. Those being recognized have served W&M for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 55 years. Virginia Institute of Marine Science employees were recognized at a separate ceremony.

55 years

James W. Barbour, W&M Police

40 years

Delphine Bartlett, Dining Services
Jean Beall, Athletic Department
Sharon Scott, Dining Services
Patricia Mason, Dining Services
Robert L. Conder, Information Technology

35 years

Faye F. Shealy, School of Law
Rosemary Thomas, Dining Services
Phyllis Williams, Dining Services
Raymond B. Bowman Sr., Wren Building

30 years

Gill Minor, University Centers
Helen F. Antinori, School of Law
Peel S. Hawthorne, Athletic Department
Annis T. Hicks, Facilities Management
Shelia E. Harris, Office of the President
Cindy A. Lucas, Muscarelle Museum
David H. Shantz, Information Technology
Cory C. Springer, Office of the Registrar

25 years

Carol B. Brown, University Centers
Nancy-Lu F. Moul, Student Health Center
Carolyn S. Hankins, Physics
Renee A. Cork, Athletic Department
Barbara K. Heberling, Office of the Bursar
Martha T. Carroll, Financial Operations
Kenneth M. Horsley, Facilities Management
Amy C. Banks, Financial Aid
Rita F. Metcalfe, Human Resources
Theresa M. Lightfoot, Facilities Management
Kirk Futrell, Facilities Management
Sheila Johnson, Child Care
Stacy Moore, Dining Services
Mildred E. Campbell, University Advancement
Gail B. Hardinge, School of Education
Cynthia A. Brauer, Office of the President
Norman W. Farnsworth, Information Technology
Michael E. Ribeiro, Information Technology

20 years

Carina Sudarsky-Gleiser, Counseling Center
Anne H. Arseneau, Student Leadership Development
Charlotte D. Tabb, Keck Lab
Eric A. Agin, Archaeological Research
Deborah L. Davenport, Archaeological Research
David N. Morales, Swem Library
Christopher D. Byrne, Law Library
Jennifer E. Sekula, Law Library
Stephen N. Blaiklock, Law Library
Eric Montalvo, Facilities Management
Tracy B. Holmes, Facilities Management
Caldonia C. Williams, Facilities Management
Alvin D. New, Facilities Management
Robert L. Johnson, Facilities Management
Frances A. Brown, Facilities Management
Amanda K. Bryan, Ash Lawn-Highland
David R. Munsick, Ash Lawn-Highland
Donna J. Gill, School of Education
Michael J. Fox, Office of the President
Dallas E. Matthews, Information Technology
Bernadette A. Kulas, Office of the Provost
Danny L. Banks, Information Technology

15 years

Lila L. Brown, University Centers
Michael B. Potter, Student Health Center
Michaelle M. Gaul, Student Health Center
David C. Williard, University Communications
Beth H. Chambers, Biology
Joseph B. Jones, Archaeological Research
Linda J. Banks, Athletic Department
Walter D. Penny, Facilities Management
Kim P. Rojas, Facilities Management
Rossie C. Coleman, Facilities Management
David K. Milby, Facilities Management
Delores Williams, Facilities Management
Alice R. Manis, Facilities Management
Pauline C. Richardson, Facilities Management
Christine D. St Martin, Investment Administration
Patricia L. Mills, Office of the Bursar
Cheryl A. Helton, Office of the Bursar
Janet Yang, Child Care
Daphne Thompson, Dining Services
Kwang Lee, Dining Services
Yong Lee, Dining Services
Kreig Needles, Dining Services
Melanie Edwards, Dining Services
Regina Pearson, Dining Services
Scherry C. Barra, University Advancement
Jacqueline E. Foley, University Advancement
Sarah P. Garrett, University Advancement
Dorothy S. Osborne, School of Education
Donnita L. Davis-Perry, School of Education
Bernadette M. Kenney, Information Technology
William F. Boyd, Admission
Terry D. Jackson, Admission
Judith C. Davis, International Studies
James E. Strawn, Information Technology
Jennifer M. Dahnke, School of Business
Carlane J. Pittman-Hampton, School of Business

10 years

Jennifer A. Leung, Student Leadership Development
Jane B. Brown, Student Health Center
William J. Henninger, Physics
Carol A. MacVaugh, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Fletcher M. Smith, Biology
Christy F. Bennett, Geology
Katherine A. Larrieu, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Charnel C. Thornton, Biology
Christopher G. Wilson, Kinesiology
Jason L. Simms, Athletic Department
Matthew E. Crispino, Athletic Department
Teresa B. Louden, Facilities Management
Ginia J. Anderson, Financial Aid
Craig K. Beasley, Facilities Management
Lachelle A. Givens, Facilities Management
Harold M. Mitchell, Facilities Management
Donald E. Fetzer, Facilities Management
Sandra K. Thomas, Office of the Bursar
Manuel J. Lacerda, Facilities Management
Barbara A. Wright, Facilities Management
Robert L. Walker, Facilities Management
Jacqueline Brown, Child Care
Rudolph Arrington III, Dining Services
Amanda Bliss, Dining Services
Bridgette Brown, Dining Services
Sherri Donson, Dining Services
Crystal Greenhow, Dining Services
Clinton Bailey, Dining Services
Leon Cowles, Dining Services
Fouad Rhimni, Dining Services
Garlena Williams-Pierce, Dining Services
Niko Borda, Bookstore
Antoinette M. Washington, University Advancement
Tamekka K. Davis, University Advancement
Rebecca J. Parsons, University Advancement
LaTryce M Butler, School of Education
Mary E. Mueller, School of Education
Melissa M. Liles-Parris, Muscarelle Museum
Jody L. Allen, Office of the Provost
Kimberly A. Momballou, Office of the Registrar
John G. Drummond, Information Technology
Brandon R. Bell, Information Technology
Raymond M. Newhouse, Information Technology
Robert M. Brest, Information Technology
Heidi E. LeMaster, School of Business
Karen Youshock, University Advancement

Five years

Michael G. Kammer, Student Health Center
Beverly M. Walker, Student Health Center
Lauren S. Smith, Student Health Center
Debbra A. Ashby, University Centers
Jackson C. Scott, University Centers
Chandler D. Agett, University Centers
Deborah A. Cornell, Swem Library
Elizabeth F. Miller, Student Leadership Development
Dawn A. Worsham, Dean of Students Office
Marcia A. Pinnock-Jones, Dean of Students Office
Amelia E. Rooks, University Communications
Erin K. Fryer, University Communications
Austin K. Milby, Physics
Marcyanna O. Rosa Borges, Archaeological Research
Shawna J. Kane Fredericks, Vertebrate Animal Care Unit
Jennifer C. Fox, NIAHD
Victoria L. Thompson Dopp, Graduate Studies
Tami C. Back, Swem Library
Stephen G. Locklin, Swem Library
Lynne D. Fors, Swem Library
Julia D. Pasipanki, School of Law
George P. Podolin, School of Law
Jessica K. Pierson, School of Law
Lynda S. Weisflog, School of Law
David F. Morrill, School of Law
Anthony C. Vaughn, Athletic Department
Brian P. Murphy, Athletic Department
Christopher T. Carter, Athletic Department
Tyler J. Thomson, Athletic Department
Patrick A. McKenna, Athletic Department
Brendan P. Bourdage, Athletic Department
Thomas J. Bricker, Athletic Department
Bradley C. Brookhart, Athletic Department
Jesse Medvene-Collins, Athletic Department
Charmaine Gordon-Wilson, Facilities Management
Robert W. Smith, Facilities Management
Donald K. Butler, W&M Police
Darla A. Brantley, W&M Police
Melissa J. Franks, Financial Aid
Eric D. Swinton, Facilities Management
Crystal A. Page, Facilities Management
James C. Swinton, Facilities Management
Jawaly O. Coriano, General Accounting
Zhuo J. Wermer, General Accounting
John W. Dutro, Facilities Management
Elizabeth A. Robbins, Human Resources
Debra P. Jarvis, Human Resources
Babs L. Bengtson, Human Resources
Robert W. Morman, Facilities Management
Patrick Richards, Bookstore
Maureen Costantino, Tennis Center
Donald E. Widener, Tennis Center
Dawn Dettering, Bookstore
Eden R. Harris, Auxiliary Services
Arnalisa Akbar, Child Care
Jasmine McCoy, Child Care
Christian Olver, Dining Services
Sara E. Bon-Harper, Ash Lawn-Highland
Stanley Charity, Dining Services
Mohammed Hatouane, Dining Services
El Hassan Iguider, Dining Services
Latonya Chamberliss-Borden, Dining Services
Concepcion Pellecer, Dining Services
Morgan DuPont, Dining Services
Narstarsha L. Lewis, University Advancement
Miriam L. Washington, University Advancement
Caroline G. Letourneau, University Advancement
Linda S. Nelson, University Advancement
John M. Hunter, University Advancement
Jeremy P. Martin, Office of the President
Adam D. Ferguson, International Studies
Jessica L. Benton, Information Technology
Katharine M. Conley, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Jamie R. Wick, Information Technology
Michael A. Turner, Office of the Registrar
James M. Kennedy, Information Technology
Jason W. Pully, Information Technology
Katherine C. Perry, Admission
Marra A. Austin, Procurement Office
Staci M. Longest, Procurement Office
Eliza G. Parrish, School of Business
Kellie L. Miner, School of Business
Kimberly R. Mallory, School of Business