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Student organization conduct outcomes to be available online

Beginning April 2, 2018 both William & Mary campus and community members will be able to access information regarding discipline history of recognized student organizations through the Office of Student Conduct website. 

“This is an initiative we have been working on for some time,” said Dave Gilbert, associate dean of students and director of student conduct. “We want to make this information more readily available so that students and parents can assess the disciplinary history of organizations a student may plan to join and make informed decisions. This information will also provide greater transparency to the broader community regarding disciplinary outcomes.”

The published list will include all incidents involving student organizations that result in sanctions of disciplinary probation or greater. In addition to the name of the student organization and the charge, a case summary and the sanction also will be included. No individual students will be named. The case outcomes will remain published for three academic years or until the sanctions are complete, if the sanction endures beyond three years.

“Our students know that all organizations are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct and all applicable laws with the goal to provide membership experiences that are safe and affirming. We hope this list will also serve as added impetus for greater compliance,” said Marjorie Thomas, dean of students.

The initial list will contain 16 outcomes involving 11 student organizations dating to fall 2014.  Updates to the online list will be made any time a sanction resulting in disciplinary probation or greater is finalized through the university’s adjudication process. On average, the Office of Student Conduct sees four or five cases a year involving student organizations that result in sanctions at this level.

Violations of the Student Code of Conduct may be reported by any member of the William & Mary community or the public directly through the Dean of Students Office or through the office’s website.

Gilbert noted that the information that will be published has always been publicly available.

“What is new here is the ease of access,” he said. “This information has always been available for the asking; this just makes it more accessible.”