William & Mary

The complete symposium schedule

9 a.m. - noon
Greeting: Professor Artisia Green, W&M Africana Studies Program
Greeting: Professor Jody Allen, W&M Lemon Project

Student Presentations

Panel, moderator Terri Babineau, M.D.
Carlo Tampubulon: The Effect of Poverty and Child Health and How to Fix It
Vanessa De La Rosa, Cross Cultural Medicine
Jennifer Martinez Cruz, Latino Health Disparities

Panel, moderator Professor Jody Allen
Lainie Martin: Bias Against Minority Patients in Mental Hospitals with Regards to Elsie Lacks
Grant Shea: Lacks Family Agreement with the National Institute of Health: The Consequences and Ethics
Adeola Adeseyu, Michaela Rossi: From Tuskegee to Flint 

Panel, moderator Adeola Adeseyu
Gavin Oplinger: Standards of Care for African Refugees
Jun Hye Park: Improvement Proposal for African Health System
So Dam Hong: Resettlement Assistance of North Korean Refugees in South Korea and Challenges with Settling in New Homes

Panel, moderator Michaela Rossi
Sam Cordum: Considerations for Elderly with Dementia
Alex Valorose: Abortion Trauma and Narrative Discourse: Healing, Relief, and Community
Katie Whitman: Weight Bias in Society and Attempts at Reducing Stigma

Panel, moderator Professor Joanne Braxton
Miranda Haslam: Stories of Healing: A Comparison of Irish Folklore and Narrative Medicine
Katrina McTigue: Critique of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down as a Primer on Cultural Competence
Sri Harshini Malapati: The Fundamentals of Ayurveda

Morning Closing
Nicholas Mims: Pipeline to Prison “Game”

Remarks: Professor Joanne Braxton

1-4 p.m.

Keynote Address, Dr. Terri Babineau: Everyone has a Story: Narrative Medicine as Social Activism


The Governor's School for the Arts: Reframe the Shame

Leah Glenn Dance Theater: Hush