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Employees awarded for service to W&M

The following people will be recognized at William & Mary's Employee Appreciation Service Awards event on June 14, 2016, for reaching milestones in their years of service to the university. Those being recognized have served W&M for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 or 60 years. Virginia Institute of Marine Science employees were recognized at a seperate ceremony. - Ed.

Five years

Justine R. Okerson, Admission
Susan C. Schmierer, Admission
Kevin T. Goodrich, Archaeological Research
Adam N. Andrusyszyn, Athletic Department
Meghan E. Atkins, Athletic Department
Shawn E. Lucci, Athletic Department
Andrew B. Morris, Athletic Department
Michael A. Parrott, Athletic Department
William A. Shaver, Athletic Department
Stephen T. Walsh, Athletic Department
Yolanda Magahis, Bookstore
Kyle Smith, Bookstore
Robert H. Gough, Campus Recreation
Don L. Snyder, Career Center
Claire Gulley, Catering (Dining Services)
Margaret M. Cook, Center for Student Diversity
Janet P. Hopkins, Chemistry
Susan Mulholland, Chemistry
Claudia Smith, Chemistry
El Hassane El Adlouni, Commons (Dining Services)
Ali Hatouane, Commons (Dining Services)
Hicham Hatouane, Commons (Dining Services)
Evangeline Mercado, Commons (Dining Services)
Marco Paredes, Commons (Dining Services)
Jeanne N. Smith, English
Marvin W. Davenport, Facilities Management
Al Jackson, Facilities Management
Robert E. Jones, Facilities Management
Towanda Lynn, Facilities Management
Terry L. Mayo, Facilities Management
Priscilla Page, Facilities Management
James Seawell, Facilities Management
Beulah Smith, Facilities Management
Jeremy L. Smith, Facilities Management
Debra A. Babb, Finance
JoAnn Debro, General Accounting
Monika B. Van Tassel, Government
Saniiya M. Masood, Human Resources
Angela O. Nichols, Human Resources
Brandon B. Corbett, Information Technology
Lea Gaultney, Information Technology
Bradley C. Parks, Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations
Kristin O. Pierce, Internal Audit
Dianne R. Alleman, International Studies
Sylvia M. Mitterndorfer, International Studies
Eva Wong, International Studies
Logan Morris, Marketplace (Dining Services)
Melissa C. Johnson, Modern Languages
Christina M. Carroll, Muscarelle Museum
Towanda L. Chappell, Music
Tiffany M. Joyner, Office of the President
Marra A. Austin, Procurement Office
Sarah Moore, Sadler - Dining Services
Midori G. Juarez, School of Business
Jacob D. Joseph, School of Education
Laurie A. Ciccone, School of Law
Christine R. Williams, School of Law
Laura E. Faulkner, Swem Library
Phil Fenstermacher, Swem Library
Megan G. Hamilton, Theatre, Speech and Dance
Suzanne M. Armstrong, University Advancement
Mark L. Begly, University Advancement
Christopher M. Stratton, University Advancement
Tiffany Broadbent Beker, University Web & Design
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10 years

Deborah L. Basket, Admission
Lorraine L. Enright, Auxiliary Services
Anita Anderson, Commons (Dining Services)
Remedios Chandler, Commons (Dining Services)
Arnel Robedillo, Commons (Dining Services)
Patrick S. Hudgins, Counseling Center
David M. Gilbert, Dean of Students Office
Larry J. Clark, Facilities Management
Maurice R. Dixon, Facilities Management
Zella M. Green, Facilities Management
John S. Mattie, Facilities Management
Sandra L. Prior, Facilities Management
Terrence L. White, Facilities Management
Delores Williams, Facilities Management
Jennifer C. Meier, Financial Aid
Daniel W. Clouser, Information Technology
Bonnie Lynn T. Fleming, Information Technology
Steven A. Haag, Information Technology
Melissa J. Rouette, Information Technology
Frank B. Hiestand, Investment Administration
Paul A. Hellyer, Law Library
Sharon J. Smith, Law Library
Cynthia Tabb, Marketplace (Dining Services)
Aaron De Groft, Muscarelle Museum
Shawn A. Holl, Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture
Margaret T. Musselwhite, Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture
Shylan E. Scott, Residence Life
Irese Hawkins, Sadler (Dining Services)
Rita H. Murphy, School of Business
Kimberly A. Reeves, School of Business
Kimberly A. Sperling, School of Business
Regina E. Drifmeyer, School of Education
Mary E. Dalton, School of Law
Derek Mathis, School of Law
Celeste C. Vaughn, School of Law
Cheryl L. Harris, Student Health Center
Patricia A. Fredrick, Student Leadership Development
Troy Davis, Swem Library
Gerald P. Gaidmore, Swem Library
Martha E. Higgins, Swem Library
Paul H. Showalter, Swem Library
Rebecca A. Bliley, University Advancement
Karlene N. Jennings, University Advancement
Kenneth L. Tyler, University Centers
Wilbert M. Walker, University Centers
Mark C. Windley, University Web & Design
James F. Grasser, W&M Police
Amy K. Pfenning, W&M Police
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15 years

Kimberly C. Van Deusen, Admission
Jonathan A. Carter, Athletic Department
John H. Knaul, Athletic Department
Lidia M. Epp, Biology
Thomas J. Meier, Biology
Diana F. Healy, Charles Center
Patricia E. Luke, Charles Center
Tina Brown, Commons (Dining Services)
Howard Mack, Commons (Dining Services)
Patricia Taylor, Commons (Dining Services)
Shanay D. Butler, English
Haskell C. Brown, Facilities Management
John W. Buck, Facilities Management
Phyllis A. Buttrom, Facilities Management
Richard K. Dye, Facilities Management
William D. Green, Facilities Management
Julia E. Jimmison, Facilities Management
Paul A. Morie, Facilities Management
Darrell S. Payne, Facilities Management
Verasak Singhaseni, Facilities Management
Wanda L. Washington, Facilities Management
James M. Whitehead, Facilities Management
Chasity Y. Roberts, Graduate Studies
Jeffery D. Chestney, Information Technology
Tracey P. Encarnacion, Information Technology
Matthew I. Keel, Information Technology
Clarke H. Morledge, Information Technology
Corinne M. Picataggi, Information Technology
Pablo Yanez, Information Technology
Cornelia B. Brown-Payne, Investment Administration
Cheryl Parrott, Marketplace (Dining Services)
Jennifer Garcia, Residence Life
Alethia Jones, Sadler (Dining Services)
Alvin Jones, Sadler (Dining Services)
Kimberly  McNair, Sadler (Dining Services)
Ellen H. Sutton, School of Business
Laura W. Beach, School of Law
Cindy J. Carroll, Student Health Center
Ann Repeta, Student Leadership Development
Carole A. Conger, Swem Library
Jan Elsasser, Swem Library
Carol A. Frieden, Swem Library
Mary J. Damon, Theatre, Speech and Dance
Joese R. Johnson-Caffey, University Centers
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20 years

Dorothy J. Shiflett, Ash Lawn-Highland
Peter M. Clawson, Athletic Department
Bill D. Saunders, Biology
Gloria Dobson, Child Care Center
Kathy L. O'Brien, Economics
Blanche A. Brooks, Facilities Management
Carol A. MacVaugh, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Glen A. Weaver, Information Technology
Brian M. Randall, Military Science
Sharon A. Mikanowicz, Office of the Bursar
Carolyn A. Ward, Office of the Registrar
Richard Moff, Sadler (Dining Services)
Samuel D. Kelley, Sadler Center
Patricia A. Popp, School of Education
Trish Kearns, Swem Library
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25 years

Jean Brown, American Studies
Russell S. Hubert, Ash Lawn-Highland
Robert J. Solderitch, Athletic Department
George R. Williams, Athletic Department
Wymona Y. Brown, Facilities Management
Maxine E. Johnson, Facilities Management
Byron V. Simpson, Facilities Management
Christopher A. Smith, Facilities Management
Teresa Munford, Finance
Paulette M. Topping, Financial Operations
Jackolyn Carter, General Accounting
Nancy L. Pavelich, Information Technology
Sandra A. Scott, Parking Services
Deidre Connelly, Student Affairs
Alexander Artis, Swem Library
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30 years

Curtis S. Moyer, Anthropology
Robert T. Dwyer, Athletic Department
Peggy W. Manger, Biology
Kathleen Panchision Morgan, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Adrienne R. Joynes, Information Technology
Gloria J. Todd, School of Law
Anita Forrest, Student Leadership Development
Christie L. Arntz, Swem Library
Beverly L. Tyler, University Centers
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35 years

Renee L. Peace, Biology
Floyd Cowles, Commons (Dining Services)
Ruth L. Ashby, Facilities Management
Malinda L. Cooke, Facilities Management
John R. Cotman, Facilities Management
Ernest H. Russell, Facilities Management
Wanda D. Carter, Graduate Studies
Joanne Barnes, Marketplace (Dining Services)
Vanessa Walker-Cotman, Marketplace (Dining Services)
Sandra J. Wilms, Office of the President
John P. Bensel, Physics
Paula C. Perry, Physics
Annette B. Washington, Property Control
Evelina E. Wright, Student Health Center
Cay Davis, Swem Library
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40 years

Juanita Achols, Facilities Management
David A. Tidwell, Facilities Management
D. Scott Fenstermacher, Information Technology
Mary D. Anderson, Office of the President
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50 years

Betsy O. Croswell, Office of the Registrar
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60 years

Guy Brown, Commons (Dining Services)
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