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Jay Colley’s favorite Tribe football players

We asked Jay Colley a loaded question: Name the five players you've most enjoyed broadcasting during your three decades-plus career at W&M. While fully admitting that he may have missed a player or two – or 12 – here's five off the top of his head. – Ed.

Stan YagielloStan Yagiello

“He was the first quarterback I broadcast for, and he continues to be a leader in yardage thrown for. That was back in the day we had to outscore the other guy to win.”

Jonathan GrimesJonathan Grimes

“To watch him in practice was a thing of beauty. He’d finish plays and then go beyond finishing plays. His fellow running backs saw it and so did his teammates. You could almost hear them say, ‘A guy this good is working this hard? I probably should, too.’”

Mark Kelso
“What he did with his intellect and body to stay that long in the National Football League was remarkable.”Mark Kelso
Mike LeachMike Leach
“Probably not someone you’d expect me to single out. He came here after Boston University dropped its football program. He not only played well – became an All-American as a punter and H-back – he stayed in the NFL for 17 years as a long snapper. And you talk about someone who is loyal to William & Mary? You won’t find anyone more loyal.”

B.W. WebbB.W. Webb

“Who couldn’t like him? He’s got such a wonderful personality. And he’s another guy who is very loyal to the program. I like the fact that he’s a local player, from Newport News, who decided he wanted to come to Williamsburg.”