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Griffin to appear on new license plate

  • Go Tribe!
    Go Tribe!  After one year of loyal service as the college's mascot, the Griffin was recently honored with a license plate from the state of Virginia.  
  • The Griffin, in the Flesh
    The Griffin, in the Flesh  The Griffin poses with President Reveley at his induction last year. Plans to put the mascot's likeness on a license plate got underway almost immediately after the selection was announced.  
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After only one year of duty as William & Mary’s mascot, the Griffin has appeared on T-shirts, posters, mugs, stationary, and even its very own app. Now, add a personalized Griffin license plate to the list.

The Virginia plate, which features the Griffin’s classic “Number One” pose astride the word “Tribe,” became a reality this past winter. Carolyn K. Davis, director of auxiliary services, contacted the Virginia DMV soon after the Griffin’s induction last spring as the College’s official mascot.

Davis called the plate a great step forward for Griffin awareness.

“Many colleges and Universities proudly display their mascot on their license plate,” she said.  “We saw this as an opportunity to expand the visibility of the Griffin in a fun and profitable way.”

With the finalization of this process, the Griffin joined the College seal as the second William & Mary plate offered by the Commonwealth’s DMV. Additionally, Davis noted that her office worked to ensure that the new plates served the College not just in terms of visibility, but also financially. As a result, $15 of every plate sold returns to William & Mary scholarship funds, a sum which is considered tax deductible. “Everyone benefits,” she said.

The plates can hold up to six characters and are available for purchase from the Virginia DMV’s website. The plate’s letters and numbers are fully customizable; the Griffin’s outfit, however, is not. For that, the “Dress the Griffin” app is still required.