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W&M student votes in Electoral College

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    Presidential Elector  Christia Rey served as a representative of Virginia's first congressional district to the Electoral College Dec. 9. Though raised in North Carolina, Rey says he plans to "hang his hat" in Virginia following graduation from law school.  
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Chris Rey, a second year law student at the William and Mary School of Law, was one of 13 representatives elected to represent the state of Virginia in the Electoral College for the 2008 presidential election. Rey attended the state’s Electoral College ceremony at the state capitol in Richmond, Virginia on Dec. 15.

“It was amazing – the ceremony, the way they had it organized,” said Rey after the event. “There was great warmth, a great spirit that was in the place,” Rey noted.

Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine addressed the crowd.

“Your role in this historic election makes you part of a grand tradition,” Kaine told the group. “The Founding Fathers created the college of electors a s a compromise between election of the president by popular vote and appointment by the Senate.”

Rey (l) waits to speak with Va. Gov. Tim Kaine (r). Photo courtesy of Governor's Press Office.His remarks impressed the state’s youngest elector.

“I think the best part was the Governor’s comments as he talked about the history of Virginia  and how we started as a place where slaves were brought …to becoming a state that elected the first black governor to becoming a state that was able to move forward after 44 years,” Rey said.

Kaine told those assembled, “This election demonstrates again the power of Jefferson’s truth and the ever-growing commitment of Americans to welcome all to the blessings and responsibilities of complete and equal citizenship.”

Electors convened in Capitol’s House Chamber. The ceremony lasted about an hour and a half and was viewed by an overflow crowd and heavily attended by the media. Rey, himself, was featured or quoted in a number of stories including coverage by UPI, Hampton Roads television station WVEC, Roanoke television station WSLS and two front-page stories by the Daily Press.Rey (4th, right) pictures with some of his fellow electors and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (3rd, right). Photo courtesy of Governor's Press Office.

Rey noted the experience was everything he expected and more.

“Virginia never ceases to amaze me. We continue to add to the dialogue of being a leader as it relates to social change. It was a great, great, great time. It was really humbling to be a part of such a great process.