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Diversity redefined

  • Jumpin' for joy at New Town
    Jumpin' for joy at New Town  William and Mary students (l to r) Meghan O'Malley, Jessica Tseng and Kristen Martin jump by the fountain at New Town, a happening spot near campus. Scenes from New Town and other student hangouts are incorporated into the admission video slide show "Unscripted: Student Conversations about William and Mary."  By Stephen Salpukas
  • W&M students talk about diversity
    W&M students talk about diversity  (l to r) Crystal Nwokorie, Randy Tripp ('05) and Laura Rodriguez talk about the value of diversity on campus. Other students who participated in these conversations include Nubia Dickerson, Jason Blackwell, Crystal Nwokorie and Irene Mathieu. The video is being released in time for the undergraduate admission event Autumn Blast, which brings prospective students to campus for a weekend.  By Stephen Salpukas
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The Office of Undergraduate Admission and the Office of University Publications have partnered with Two Rivers Multimedia Solutions to produce a Flash video slide show entitled “Unscripted: Student Conversations at William and Mary.”  The result?  Unique and candid conversations about diversity on campus, with William and Mary students sharing their unscripted experiences.

“In the admission office we know that current students are our best recruiters, and this project gave us a new vehicle for communicating their candid reflections on the William and Mary experience,” says Henry Broaddus, dean of undergraduate admission.
The main goal was to capture some candid conversations with students about the importance of diversity on a college campus.

“By not providing the students with a script, we asked that they be honest about their experiences and to discuss how diversity is an important aspect of the William and Mary community,” says Randy Tripp, assistant dean of admission.

The project began as an experiment of sorts—interviewing and photographing students for a diversity print brochure with an eventual web component. 

“But then,” according to Director of Publications Lucinda Baker, “we decided to turn the concept on its head and an unlikely work emerged.  Instead of web following print, the brochure will take its cues from the audio for the web.”

“Originally,” echoes Tripp, “we just wanted to capture some audio that would drive a print piece.  After capturing the audio, however, we had so much material, we decided to use the actual audio and allow prospective students to hear these conversations.”

The video depicts William and Mary students sharing their experiences in areas ranging from campus organizations—to diversity in general—to outreach opportunities all over the world. Their conversations are accompanied by first rate still photography.

“We don’t want prospective students to guess what life is like at William and Mary,” says Earl T. Granger, associate provost for enrollment. “We hope they listen, analyze and visualize how they, too, can contribute to the William and Mary community!  The video was produced to illustrate how our students contribute to the vibrancy and vitality of campus life.  Dynamic experience—real and engaging—is what it is all about.”

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