William & Mary

Statement from interim president W. Taylor Reveley, III

W. Taylor Reveley III W. Taylor Reveley III, who was appointed interim president of the College of William and Mary on Tuesday, sent the following message to faculty, students and staff. Since 1998, Reveley has served as dean of the William and Mary Law School.  —Ed.

Dear William and Mary Community:

In the hours since Tuesday's news reached us, our William and Mary community has known surprise, confusion and pain. In the words of a faculty member, this is a time when we must come together to heal wounds, revive ideals and restore hope.

This is a difficult time of transition not just for William and Mary but also for Gene Nichol and his family. Nick and Glenn are my good friends. They have my very best wishes.

Though not a mission I sought, I will serve this marvelous College as best I can. Listening and learning will be crucial for me in the weeks to come. I have begun meeting with our extraordinary faculty and students, deeply committed staff, and stalwart alumni. I look forward to many more conversations in the days and weeks to come.

Vitally important to the continued progress of the College is our commitment to William and Mary as a place for students, faculty and staff of great diversity. Important also are the College's welcome and support for students regardless of means. It matters too that the College is a place increasingly open to the world. And William and Mary's historic commitment to the civic involvement of its people is central to our identity. These are College values of great importance. They are also my values.

William and Mary is among the most ancient and important institutions in America. It is a national treasure. Those of us who love the College must keep it moving forward.

Taylor Reveley

A complete biography of Reveley can be found at www.wm.edu/law/faculty/reveley-18.shtml.