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Reveley sends campus note regarding state budget situation

W. Taylor Reveley IIIWilliam and Mary President W. Taylor Reveley III sent the following message to facuty, staff and students Monday regarding the state budget shortfall. -Ed

Dear William & Mary Community,

These are very difficult financial times in Virginia, the United States, and the world. Like most other people, those of us at William & Mary will be adversely affected.

Last Friday, we sent the Governor, at his request, our plans for absorbing a state cut that could range from 5 percent ($2.45 million) to 15 percent ($7.35 million) of the state funds previously provided for our operating budget this fiscal year. The current fiscal year began three months ago, on July 1, 2008.

The plans we sent the Governor are quite general in nature. They will not become specific until we know the size of the cut we must actually take. We expect to know this by mid-October, perhaps sooner.

When we know more, I will report.

Taylor Reveley