William & Mary

Reveley message on new HR system

W. Taylor Reveley IIIWilliam and Mary President W. Taylor Reveley III sent the following email to the campus community Tuesday regarding the College's new human resources system. —Ed.

Dear William & Mary Community,

The Commonwealth of Virginia has given William & Mary, along with UVA and Virginia Tech, the right to design our own human resources system. It will apply to those of us who are classified employees or administrative and professional faculty. All instructional and research faculty remain governed by the Faculty Handbook, not by the new HR system.

Classified employees may choose whether to enroll in the new system or remain in the state system. The choice must be made by January 5, 2009.

I hope you can attend one of several meetings being held on the main campus and at VIMS to explain the basics of the  new system. Tomorrow there will be meetings at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the Commonwealth Auditorium at the Sadler Center. Thursday, there will be a forum at 9:00 a.m. at VIMS in Watermen's Hall.

On Friday, October 3, classified and hourly employees and administrative and professional faculty will receive materials explaining the new system. Retirement benefits, as well as health and life insurance, will not change under the new system.

The new HR system is the product of an enormous amount of work by lots of people over many months, led by Anna Martin, our vice president for administration. Our restructured HR program will be a significant improvement. It meets our needs as a university, including providing us with the flexibility to respond to the changing nature of the workforce. The new system will also remain a "work in progress" for a good while. In light of the economic realities facing us, many of its goals are, and will be for quite some time, aspirational. Its salary goals, in particular, cannot be quickly reached.

William & Mary is utterly dependent on the hard work and dedication of its employees. I believe our new HR system will benefit all of us who earn our living at the university. For more information, visit www.wm.edu/hr/restructure.

Taylor Reveley