William & Mary

Reveley message concerning state budget (Oct. 9)

W. Taylor Reveley IIIFollowing is the text of an e-mail message sent to the campus community by W. Taylor Reveley III concerning the state budget outlook.  —Ed.

Dear William & Mary Community,
This morning, Governor Kaine announced a 7 percent cut ($3.4 million) in our state funding for the current fiscal year (July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009). This is a very serious reduction for us, especially since it follows our loss of $2.7 million in state funding last fiscal year. A memo from Sam Jones, the College’s vice president for finance, is attached with more details.
Reductions in our operating and maintenance budgets have been in place for some time. Another important step for us in coming to grips with today’s 7 percent cut is to freeze hiring. We must do so, effective immediately. We will do everything we can to avoid layoffs. Salaries, however, will be affected. The Governor announced this morning that state funding for salary increases for state employees, William & Mary people included, will be deferred until July 1, 2009. The College will probably have to delay salary increases until then. Governor Kaine also opposed mid-year tuition increases or reductions in student financial aid. We will do our best to avoid a mid-year tuition increase, and we will not cut financial aid.
Bad news from the state has been expected, and we have been planning for it. Before final cost-saving measures are put in place, there will be campus forums in the next few weeks to get your thoughts on funding priorities.
Taylor Reveley