Faculty and Staff Directory

Please feel free to contact any of the following if you have questions about our department:

Joan Gavaler, Director, W&M Dance, [[jsgava]]
Christopher Owens, Chair, [[clowen]]
Renate "Sam" Tietze, Office Administrator, [[retietze]]

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Gavaler, Joan
Co-Artistic Director of Aura Curiatlas Physical Theatre/Professor and Director of W&M Dance
Office: Adair Hall 401
Email: [[jsgava]]
Phone: (757) 221-2785
Website: {{http://www.ACPhysicalTheatre.com}}


Glenn, Leah
Associate Professor of Dance & Africana Studies
Office: Adair Hall 404
Email: [[lfglen]]
Phone: 757-221-2782
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/lfglen}}


Morris, Lauren
Lecturer of Dance
Office: Adair Hall 401
Email: [[lbmorris]]
Phone: 757-221-2598

Tolj, Larry
Dance Accompanist
Office: Adair 404
Email: ljolt@verizon.net
Phone: 757-221-2598


Wade, Denise Damon
Director of W&M Dance; Associate Professor
Office: Adair Hall 401
Email: [[dydamo]]
Phone: 757-221-2786
Website: {{http://dance.wm.edu/DeniseWade/DamonResearch.html}}