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Student Leadership Positions

The Sharpe Community Scholars Program relies on student leadership. Periodically, we need current students to fill the following roles. Position availability varies from year to year. The team coordinates responsibilities performed by each person. For more information about each position contact the Sharpe office at 757-221-2460.

Sharpe Program Fellows

Sharpe Program Fellows serve as mentors for the Spotswood Hall living-learning community of first-year students in the Sharpe Community Scholars Program.

Fellows will receive academic mentorship training; collaborate with Sharpe staff members to develop programming, community engaged learning and scholarship opportunities; and support students toward the achievement of the following Living-Learning Community Goals:

  1. Deepening students’ social integration into the university and peer interactions related to academics outside the classroom.
  1. Increase meaningful connection to co-curricular opportunities that will enhance their academic and community engagement.
  1. Build students’ skills for collaborating effectively, ethically, and responsively with others in community work.
  1. Increase students’ capacity to describe academic relevance for engaging communities intellectually, in action and research.
  1. Foster transformational, collaborative learning among students from a variety of backgrounds and identities.

Ideal candidates must demonstrate a high level of commitment to the Sharpe program’s academic mission for student development toward community-based learning and research within a living-learning community. Sharpe Program Fellows are extremely organized individuals, with confident energy for innovative leadership throughout the entire school year. They must be attentive and responsive to program communications and needs in real-time, and visionary for imagining and implementing a living-learning community that best serves the whole of scholars’ learning needs. 

Sharpe Ambassadors (Volunteer Interns)
  • Provide leadership in promoting the Sharpe program to prospective students
  • Help the Admissions Office coordinate presentations or distribute Sharpe promotional materials
  • Respond to inquiries (emails or phone calls) about the Sharpe Program
  • Represent the Sharpe Program to external audiences