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2016-17 colloquium

Fall 2016

  • Septmber 2, Dionne Aleman (University of Toronto) Automated treatment planning optimization for LGK Perfexion
  • Septmber 9, Xinping Cui (University of California at Riverside) Constrained Nonlinear and Mixed Effects Differential Equation Models for Dynamic Cell Polarity Signaling
  • Septmber 23, Daniel McGibney (University of Miami) Optimal Resource Distribution for Water-energy Nexus
  • Septmber 30, Max Shen (University of California at Berkeley) Service Region Design for Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems
  • October 7, Daniel Vasiliu (William & Mary) The curse of dimensionality in data analysis and some recent (hard-fought) battles against it?
  • October 14, Qiong Zhang (Virginia Commonwealth University) Statistical aspects of computer experiments
  • October 21, Todd Ogden (Columbia University) Functional and imaging data in precision medicine: Towards optimal treatment selection
  • October 28, Ming-Jun Lai (University of Georgia) Bivariate Spline Solution to Nonlinear Diffusive PDE and Its Biological Applications
  • Novermber 4, Qin Wang (Virginia Commonwealth University) Dimension reduction based on the Hellinger integral
  • Novermber 11, Stephen Trefethen (William & Mary) Structure of Finite m-Rational Groups
  • Novermber 18, Yu-Min Chung (William & Mary) On the Human Red Blood Cell: A Topological Study

Spring 2017

  • January 20, Jerome Goddard II (Auburn University Montgomery) Modeling the effects of U-shaped density dependent dispersal via reaction diffusion equations
  • January 27, Yu-Min Chung (William & Mary) Computational Topology with applications in natural science


  • February 3, Ilya Vinogradov (Princeton University) Sequences modulo one: convergence of local statistics
  • March 17, Michael Jolly (Indiana Unversity) Determining forms and data assimilation 
  • March 22, Robert Martin (University of Cape Town) Hardy spaces and operator theory in several variables 
  • March 24, Toru Kan (Tokyo Institute of Technology) On the structure of stationary solutions of bistable reaction-diffusion equations on a dumbbell-shaped domain
  • March 27, Andrew Zimmer (University of Chicago) Metric spaces of non-positive curvature and applications in several complex variables
  • March 29, Mark Colarusso (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee) Gelfand-Zeitlin integrable systems: where linear algebra, geometry and representation theory met
  • March 31, Huixia Judy Wang (George Washington University) Testing for Marginal Effects in Quantile Regression
  • April 7, Luise-Charlotte Kappe (Binghamton University) Finite coverings: a journey through groups, loops, rings, and semigroups
  • April 14, Jerry Griggs (University of South Carolina) Minimum Span Real Number Graph Labellings with Separation Conditions
  • April 21, Jianhui Zhou (University of Virginia) A Single Index Model for Censored Quantile Regression
  • April 28, Rui Zhang (University of Colorado at Boulder) Mathematical Programming Approaches to Influence Maximization Problems on Social Networks