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Moira Meehan, Biology: "How Scientists are Saving Birds from Window Collisions"

Moira Meehan

Bird populations have declined 25% during the past several decades, due in part to human activity. Collisions with windows are a leading cause of death for many bird species. In this talk, Moira Meehan, Master’s student in Biology at William & Mary, will discuss how the use of both visual and sound cues together can help birds avoid windows effectively.

September 23, 2 p.m. via Zoom. Visit the Williamsburg Regional Library's events listing for the Zoom link.

Cutting Edge Science and Technology Research: Quick Talks featuring Archana Radhakrishnan (Physics), Woosub Jung (Computer Science), and Joe Cuozzo (Physics)

Hear three short talks from graduate students in Physics and Computer Science to learn more about  research that explores relationships between science, technology, and nature: 

  • "Simulating Nature Through the Fundamental Laws of Physics"
  • "How Artificial Intelligence can Boost Athletic Performance"
  • "The Search for Answers in Nature with Quantum Computing"

October 6, 2 p.m.  Visit the Williamsburg Regional Library's events listing for details.

 Archana Radhakrishnan  Woosub Jung  Joe Cuozzo

Becca Toy, PhD '21, History: "The Story of Civil War-Era Emancipation and Black Citizenship in Yorktown Virginia

Becca Toy

The Virginia Peninsula has a rich history of Civil War-Era emancipation and freedom that often gets overlooked because of the emphasis on its colonial past.  In this talk, Dr. Becca Toy, recent graduate from W&M in History, will discuss restoring that captivating history to this narrative landscape.

November 4, 2 p.m. Visit the Williamsburg Regional Library's events listing for details. 


Erna Anderson, American Studies: "Exploring Orphan Narratives in American Literature"

erna anderson

American popular culture is full of orphans, from Huckleberry Finn to Superman. Join Erna Anderson, PhD candidate in American Studies at W&M, for this fascinating talk that will explore how some literary orphans have been used as symbols and enforcers of colonization while Black and Native American orphans have been depicted as victims of the very same systems.

February 23, 2 p.m. at the Stryker Center, 412 N. Boundary St.

Kaushal Kafle, Computer Science: "Understanding the Security of Smart Home Platforms"

kaushal kafleSmart home devices such as smart speakers and doorbell cameras have increasingly become a regular part of people's lives. Join PhD candidate in computer science Kaushal Kafle as we look inside a smart home platform to learn how it works, discuss potential vulnerabilities of such systems, and look at possible solutions to make smart devices more secure.

March 3, 2 p.m. at the Stryker Center, 412 N. Boundary St.

Holly Gruntner, History: "Kitchen Gardens and Scientific Knowledge in Early America"


From grafting apple trees to observing the weather, early Americans were constantly applying know-how to make the most of their kitchen gardens. Their knowledge also drove wider botanical exchange networks, discourse, and publication. Join Holly Gruntner, PhD candidate in history at William & Mary, as she reveals how early science was expressed and contested by ordinary people’s labors in their ordinary gardens.

March 24, 2 p.m. at the Stryker Center, 412 N. Boundary St.