Undergraduate Research in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies

  • Honors Research (completed GBST theses).
  • William and Mary in St. PetersburgThis site contains research projects completed by our students in the course of the William & Mary Summer Study Abroad Program in St. Petersburg.
  • Doing Research in Russian and RPSS Programs at William & Mary
  • Russia's Periphery.  This website has been authored or co-authored by students at The College of William & Mary in the context of a senior colloquium (HIST491c) run by Professor Corney in Spring 2009.  The course investigated the histories and cultures of 'peripheral' areas around Russia proper, areas that are often ignored in broader lecture courses on tsarist or Soviet Russia.  It covered the Baltic states, Russia's North and Siberia, Central Asia, the Caucasus region, and the Western Borderlands (Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, and Moldova).  Students researched, wrote, and sourced their individual pieces around the broad issue of the varying tsarist and Soviet colonization, settlement, and repressive policies enacted in relation to the ethnes in these regions.  A rotating board of students peer-reviewed the major pieces.  It will be expanded by the next group of students who will take this course.
  • The Russian Movie Theatre Project.