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Major in RPSS

The Global Studies Program offers a B.A. in International Studies. Within that program, we offer a major in Russia and Post-Soviet Studies. Our major offers training in the language, literature, history, politics and economics of Russia and the former Soviet Sphere of Influence. You will study the Russian language, the history, and the many cultures and societies that exist in this vast area. It is a region of rapid change, and the changes here have the potiential to influence the rest of the world. A RPSS major will prepare you for professions in the U.S. and Eurasia, or graduate study.

Major Advising

Majors must complete 33 credit hours in courses from eleven "lines" of a menu system, where each line includes one or more courses. Once you count a course under a line, you may not count it elsewhere.

You will work closely with your major advisor to select courses to fulfill the degree requirements. Any RPSS professor may be a major advisor. Email or talk to one who teaches a course or is doing research you are interested in. Arrange a meeting where they will help you will complete the Declaration of Major [pdf] form. Both your advisor and the program chair need to sign the form. The department will keep a copy of this form. If your planned course of study changes, you will need to work with your advisor.