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Hogan fellow Anne Morin '12 excavates in Italy

Anne Morin '12 at the trenches...

Anne Morin '12, recipient of a Hogan Fellowship writes: "Imagine finding yourself on the top of a hill in Tuscany sifting through 2,600 year old dirt to find the scattered remains of an Archaic Etruscan civilization. This is the opportunity the Hogan Fund provided me. Through the scholarship awarded to me by the Hogan Fund and the William and Mary Classical Studies Department, I was able to participate in the Poggio Civitate Field School in Vescovado di Murlo, Italy. As a student focusing in Classical Civilizations, the chance to learn hands on at an archaeological excavation was a dream come true.


Anne with colleagues at Poggio CivitateMy time in Tuscany taught me many skills, such as how to map trenches, catalogue artifacts, and begin the restoration process.  Most importantly, it allowed me to experience the joy and wonder of pulling an artifact out of the ground that hasn’t been touched by human hands in over 2,000 years. The time I spent in Italy this past summer has greatly enhanced the knowledge I gained through my classes at William and Mary and has provided me with an understanding of artifacts that is impossible to achieve in a classroom setting. I hope that my time at Poggio Civitate will assist me in furthering my education in Museum Studies. I would not give up my memories on a hill in Tuscany for anything in the world. I have the Hogan Fund to thank for this irreplaceable life experience."


Morin with her colleagues at the Poggio Civitate Field School