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Oakley takes his show on the road

John Oakley has been named the Martha Sharp Joukowsky Lecturer of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) for 2009-2010. He will deliver 12 lectures to local chapters of the AIA across the USA. The AIA is North America’s oldest and largest archaeological organization with 108 chapters throughout the US, Canada and Europe.  The Joukowsky Lecturer is regularly chosen from among the most distinguished archaeologists throughout the world.
John Oakley on a previous lecture tour
Oakley’s schedule of lectures includes stops in Kansas City, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Nashville, New Orleans and several other venues across the US.

Professor Oakley has also recently published the proceedings of two conferences that he co-organized: Athenian Potters and Painters Volume II, co-edited with O. Palagia (Oxford 2009) and Bildkonzepte in der Hermeneutik griechischer Vasenmalerei, Beihefte zum Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Deutschland IV, co-edited with Stefan Schmidt (Munich, C.H. Beck 2009). Among several articles that he has recently published is a synthetic one on the current state of the study of Greek Vase-Painting (“State of the Discipline: Greek Vase-Painting,” American Journal of Archaeology 113 [2009] 599-627) and an essay on "Child Heroes in Greek Art,” in: S. Albersmeier, Heroes! Mortals and Myth in Ancient Greece, exhibition catalogue, Walters Art Gallery (Baltimore 2009) 66-87.