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Meagan Victor Wins Strikwerda Prize

M.VictorAt the recent Graduate Student Research Symposium, Meagan Victor, PhD student in the Anthropology department, was a winner of this year's College of William & Mary Carl J. Strikwerda Award for Excellence.  Meagan won for her paper Rogue Fishermen and Rebel Miners: Informal Economy and Drinking Spaces in Maine and Montana's Resource Extraction Communities.  In her work Meagan explores the links between sociability and drinking with the negotiation of power relationships and social standing.  The annual Strikwerda award recognizes "an outstanding written paper by a student who is engaged in thesis research/scholarship" following a 'blind' reading by the prize committee.  Ms. Victor's work is the outcome of many years of digging and research, originally in the Isles of Shoals, Maine,and more recently in Highland City, a Montana ghost town.

    Overall, fifteen Anthropology graduate students presented papers at this year's Graduate Student Research Symposium.  Topics ranged from material culture to faunal analysis, with stops at language revival and Hopi artistic traditions among other interesting encounters.  Anthropology MA student Sarah Mattes was co-chair of this year's symposium. The papers were scattered across a number of unfortunately too-often-cross-scheduled sessions on March 21st and 22nd.  As we have come to expect,  Anthropology students played critical roles in creating, mounting and substantiating this year's symposium.  Congratulations to all who presented!  Below is a list of all of the Anthropology presenters and their topics.

Experiencing the Past in the Present: Community Archaeology on the 19th Century Saltpans of Cayo Sal, Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela
Konrad Antczak
Advisor: Fred Smith

Beyond a Picture's 1,000 Words: The Application of High-Performance Photogrammetry to the Tangible Heritage Fields
Hayden Bassett
Advisor: Neil Norman

African Diasporic Scholarship in Anthropology
Presented by Brittany Brown; Co-written by Brittany Brown and Shea Winslett
Advisor: Fred Smith

Eburnation, Osteometrics, and Oxen: A Pilot Study on the Identification of Draught Cattle in the Archaeological Record
Jenna Carlson
Advisor: Neil Norman

Cruciforms and Cosmograms: A Pipe in Context
Thomas Cuthbertson
Advisor: Martin Gallivan

Emnity and Alliance: Modeling Colonial Encounter on the Seventeenth-Century Eastern Siouan Frontier
Presenter: Madeleine Gunter
Advisor: Martin Gallivan

"Who Uses the Old Language?": Linguistic Authority, Language Ideology, and Multi-Purpose Language Documentation
Stephanie Hasselbacher
Advisor: Kathleen Bragdon-Brown

"Double-Barreled Chimnies": Discovering an Irish Landscape in Central Virginia
Presenter: Amanda Johnson
Advisor: Fred Smith

Dwelling and Traveling in 17th Century Florida: Linguistic, Historical, and Archaeological Insights into the Timucua
Patrick Johnson
Advisor: Kathleen Bragdon-Brown

Evolving Representations of Hopi Katsinas and Clowns: Artistic Perspectives on Expressing Continuity and Change
Jaclyn Kuizon
Advisor: Danielle Moretti-Langholtz

No One Expects a Spanish Imposition: Understanding Past and Present Cochineal Production in the Canary Islands
Sarah Mattes
Advisor: Marley Brown

Understanding Hawaiian Barkcloth in Context: The Kapa Assemblage from Nualolo Kai, Kauai, Hawaii
Summer Moore
Advisor: Jenny Kahn

Science, System, Stance: A Genealogical Analysis of the Concept of Ideology
Presenter: Erin Schwartz
Advisor: Marley Brown

Indian Removal in the State of Minnesota and the Territory of Colorado
Presenter: Kelley Smith
Advisor: Michael Gray

Rogue Fishermen and Rebel Miners: Informal Economy and Drinking Spaces in Maine and Montana's Resource Extraction Communities
Presenter: Megan Victor
Advisor: Neil Norman