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Profile: Karen Prentiss Braun '87, Anthropology and Spanish

Quote: As my oldest child begins her journey at William and Mary this fall, I am reminded of how much my experience meant to me. Karen Braun '87

Karen Prentiss Braun '87 in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, holding a Tamri goat.

My four years at William and Mary were wonderful. I think the ultimate take-away would be how the College helps to create solid citizens – humans who are interested and involved in the world around them, locally and afar.

Obviously this is the type of student that the College attracts. The professors continue this by urging and supporting each student to think independently, stretch, grow, and learn about things outside their personal realms – get out and be involved! I have been a leader and/or participant in many groups and activities since graduation, which I think comes from this feeling instilled in each of us to JUST DO!

When I sat in Prof. Sutlive's Anthropology classes (and others as well, such as Prof. Zamora and Prof. Althschuler), I heard amazing stories about people from totally different cultures and parts of the world. I felt like I was transported to those places, and I knew I wanted to get out and explore the world and see different parts for myself.

I’m sure this is why travel has become such a big part of my life. 

Prof. Sutlive made the subject matter so interesting that I had friends who took the class just for fun. He was, and continues to be, highly respected for his vast knowledge. To this day, I consider my Anthropology thesis (which took me more than a year to complete) to be one of my biggest accomplishments. That’s why I chose to honor Prof. Sutlive with my gift to William and Mary.

My husband David Braun ’87 and I are thrilled to remain involved with the College, and we look forward to becoming even more connected as we send our oldest daughter Krista to begin her freshman year at William and Mary. We know she will be in great hands, and we look forward to seeing what her take-away will be.


The Brauns' contribution to the Anthropology Department was given in Prof. Sutlive’s name to help support ongoing research in Borneo. Braun worked at the Cheese Shop and met her husband during college. She has traveled with her family to six continents – a trip to Antarctica is in the works.