1693 Scholars, Class of 2014

Meredith, Ethan, Dylan and Mohima

After W&M

Meredith Boulos

Murray 1693 Scholar

Jacksonville, FL 

(Episcopal School)

Environmental Toxicology

  • Medical student, Oregon Health and Science University (MD/MPH dual degree)

Dylan Kolhoff

Murray 1693 Scholar

Richmond, VA

(Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School)

International Relations
  • Law student, Yale

Ethan Roday

Murray 1693 Scholar

Richmond, VA
(Collegiate School)

Computer Science, Linguistics

  • Program manager for Bing, a division of Microsoft
  • Completed Master's degree in Computational Linguistics at University of Washington

Mohima Sanyal

Murray 1693 Scholar

Oakton, VA
(Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology) 

Cognitive Science, Biology minor

  • Medical student, University of Pennsylvania 
  • Completed Master’s in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford