William & Mary

Attend a Class

The class visitation program is designed to supplement our campus tours and information sessions. By observing classes, students can gain an academic insight on William & Mary, and ascertain the type of teaching environment to be found here. Reminder: only open classes will display on the registration page. If no classes display, then there is no availability.   


To observe a general class:
  • The following are the list of pre-approved classes that will be available for the spring semester: 
    • Mondays: British Literature, Contemporary Moral Issues
    • Tuesdays: Evolution of Organisms
    • Wednesdays: Introduction to American Politics, Science of Nutrition
    • Thursdays: Roman Archaeology and Art
    • Fridays: American History to 1877, Cognitive Psychology  
  • Remember you will need to check in before your class visit at the Undergraduate Admission office to obtain the professor's name and location of the class.
  • If you are interested in visiting a particular class or department that is not one of our pre-approved classes please contact that department directly. You can also use the dynamic course catalog to search for an open class, and email a professor directly. 
Guidlines & Suggestions: 
  • Refer to our admission website for driving/parking directions. You can also obtain a campus map in the Office of Admission when you arrive on campus.
  • Please arrive to the class a few minutes early and, if possible, introduce yourself to the professor as a prospective student.
  • Please be sure to thank the professor at the end of the class.
  • Please try to schedule a visit at a time when you can stay for the entire class to avoid potentially disrupting class by leaving early.
  • Please remember to turn off cell phones or set them to silent.

For any further questions you may email [[reavison, Assistant Dean Rebecca Avison]] or contact her by phone at (757) 221-3979.

Thank you for your interest in the College of William & Mary. Enjoy your visit!