After Applying

If only the application process ended when you clicked submit

Thank you for applying to William & Mary! We look forward to reviewing your application.

These frequently asked questions offer general information regarding upcoming programs for newly admitted students, determining the completeness of your application, making late submissions, applying for financial aid and receiving an admission decision.

If I'm admitted to William & Mary, will there be an admitted student open house this spring so that I can explore campus further?

There will be a series of programs offered to admitted students each spring. We will also host an event for enrolling transfer students in June.

These programs will be designed to introduce you to our campus and will include opportunities to meet with current William & Mary students and faculty. Information about these programs will be included in your admission email and decision packet.

If I'm admitted, is there a way to connect with other admitted students before arriving on campus in the fall? 

Yes!  After admission decisions have been made, the Office of Undergraduate Admission will have a website available specifically to welcome admitted students.  The site exists to provide admitted students with additional information regarding the orientation process as well as an opportunity to interact with current student ambassadors and other newly admitted students on the Facebook group page. As the spring and summer months progress, additional information regarding class registration, housing and campus technology will be posted. The welcome site address will be included in a packet of information you will receive with your admission offer and emailed decision.

How do I know my application is complete? 

Once the Office of Undergraduate Admission begins to process your application, you will be sent an email to the email address provided on your application.  We will send a second email to confirm we have completed your application (meaning we received all required components).  Parents of freshman applicants will also receive these emails.  To prevent emails from us ending up in your spam or junk mail folders, please be sure to add to your safe-senders list.  You will not receive any additional emails from the Admission Office unless we are missing  required information.  Any email regarding incomplete applications will alert you as to what component is missing and provide you with instructions as to how to send our office the missing materials.  If these components are sent in after the application deadline no penalty will be assessed during the review process.  If we are unable to reach you via email, we will attempt to reach you by phone. 

You can check your personal account on both the Common Application website or the Coalition Application website to see whether we have received and/or downloaded your application into our system.  Please be mindful that as the application deadline approaches, our office receives hundreds of applications each day. Please be patient and allow at least two weeks to receive the confirmation email before following up with us. Check your email box regularly to be certain not to miss important messages from William & Mary.

If I am a Virginia resident, how do I apply for In-state tuition privileges?

Any applicant hoping to claim in-state tuition privileges should complete the William & Mary member questions on the Common Application or the Coalition Application addressing In-state Tuition Privileges.  Any questions related to completion of the In State Tuition Privileges or residency status questions should be directed to the Registrar's Office at 757-221-2800.

Can I apply after the deadline? 

Students wishing to apply after the January 1 freshman application deadline or after the November 1/March 1 transfer deadline must contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Requests for deadline extensions and late applications will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please call the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 757-221-4223 or email us at to inquire about deadline extensions.

What if I have additional materials to add to my application but I have already sent in all required materials? 

William & Mary will accept additional materials after the application deadline.  While most supplemental materials will arrive in time to be reviewed, the Undergraduate Admission Office does not guarantee that it will review any materials mailed after the January 1 freshman applicant postmark deadline, or the November 1/March 1 transfer applicant postmark deadline.  Any supplemental materials should include the student's full name and high school or current institution so that we might easily match materials with the student's application. 

Can I confirm the receipt of letters of recommendation or optional materials? 

The Office of Undergraduate Admission will not confirm the receipt of recommendation letters and requires only one which should be written by the student's guidance or college counselor.  All other letters of recommendation are optional, and the Admission Office does not track the receipt of optional materials. In order to protect the privacy of the recommender we will neither confirm nor deny the existence of a particular letter of recommendation.

Does William & Mary need my first semester grades? How do I submit my first semester grades? 

The Office of Undergraduate Admission recommends that all applicants submit their first semester/mid-year grades as soon as they become available. We realize that many semesters end after the application deadline and for that reason, the deadline is flexible.

Freshman applicants can send a copy of an updated transcript by mail or fax to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, or a student may submit the Common Application or the Coalition Application Midyear Report form to his or her guidance counselor for completion and submission.

Transfer applicants are asked to fax estimated mid semester grades by March 28 if applying for the fall term and by November 22 if applying for the spring term.  The Office of Undergraduate Admission's fax number is 757-221-1242.  Transfer applicants should use the Mid-Term Report form provided by the Common Application.

How should I go about applying for financial aid?

To apply for financial aid, students and families must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to apply for federal aid, and families are strongly encouraged to complete the CSS Profile to receive consideration for all aid programs.  The priority deadline for applying for financial aid is February 1 with a final deadline of March 1.  The Office of Financial Aid will contact the applicant should any additional information be needed. 

When and how will I receive my admission decision?

The Office of Undergraduate Admission will email all freshmen Early Decision I notifications by early December, all Early Decision II notifications by early February and all Regular Decision notifications by April 1.  Spring transfer applicants can expect to hear in mid-December and fall transfer applicants can expect to hear from us by early May. All admission decisions will be communicated via email to the email address provided in your application.  Only applicants will be notified by email; parents will not. W&M does not post admission decisions online and we will not deliver admission decisions over the phone.

When will I receive my financial aid package? 

If all necessary materials are turned in on time, admitted students will receive information regarding financial aid about two weeks after the admission decision is received. This information will come via email.

Where can I find general contact information for the Office of Undergraduate Admission?

Below are the mailing addresses, telephone number, fax number and email address for the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Mailing Address

(any mail sent by the U.S. Postal Service) 
Office of Undergraduate Admission
William & Mary
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795

Address for Overnight/Express Shipments

(any mail sent by UPS, FedEx, or similar carriers or anything being sent overnight)
Office of Undergraduate Admission
William & Mary
116 Jamestown Road
Williamsburg,VA 23185
Phone: 757-221-4223
Fax: 757-221-1242