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All are welcome!

The Wren Building remains a central part of the student experience and we are happy to help students host their events here. Never planned an event in the Wren Building before? [[wrenevents,Schedule an appointment]] and find out how to get the most out of your reservation, or follow the steps below:

  1. Review our guidelines. The Wren Building is a unique space. Our guidelines may be stricter than other campus facilities.
  2. Choose a location.  Every space in the Wren has its unique layouts and restrictions.  Look through our location directory to determine which space is best for your event
  3. Submit a reservation requestUse the online form to submit your request.
  4. Plan for costs. Space Rentals in the Wren Building are $60/hour outside of normal business hours (Mon-Sat 10 am - 5 pm; Sun 12 - 5 pm).
  5. Determine your furniture needs.  The Wren Building does not have staff available to set up tables and chairs. We have some furniture on hand, but volunteers from your group or organization may need to arrive early to set everything up. If your event will require tables and chairs, you will need to visit the Facilities Management Moving and Storage website and follow their directions to arrange furniture setup and delivery.
  6. Determine your A/V needs. The only rooms in the Wren Building that have built-in A/V equipment (i.e. network computer, projector, screen) are the classrooms. No other rooms have any A/V equipment. If your event requires A/V, you will need to submit an A/V request form at least 5 business days in advance of your event.  
On the day of your event
  1. Check-in at the Information Center to notify our building staff that you are here. If you requested furniture or A/V equipment, our building staff can help you make sure that those needs were met.
  2. Handle all furniture with care and make sure that all furniture is put back where you found it.
  3. Dispose of all trash properly.  There are no trash or recycle bins in our public exhibition rooms.  You must dispose of all trash in outdoor receptacles. The nearest receptacles are behind Chancellor Hall and Tucker Hall on James Blair Drive. 
When your event has ended
  1. Walk the space to make sure that any lost items are found and not forgotten.
  2. If you ordered A/V, be sure to contact W&M Tech Services and let them know your event has ended so they can pick up their equipment.
  3. Let our building staff know when all members of your group have left.