Procedural Review Committee

The Procedural Review Committee is charged with two functions. First, it reviews the procedures established by departments and schools for the evaluation of faculty members regarding evaluation, retention, promotion and award of tenure. Second it entertains and considers petitions from individual faculty members in accordance with the provisions set forth in"Academic Freedom, Tenure and Due Process."

  • Committee is elected
  • Term:  3 years active; 3 years alternate
  • Advisory:  Provost
  • Chair:  Elected
Membership (2017-18)
Tom Linneman
Simon Stow
Rochelle Seitz, alternate
*Colleen Kennedy
William Stewart
Nancy Combs
*Jim Barber
*Joseph Zhang
Constance Pilkington, alternate
Todd Averett, alternate
Virginia McLaughlin, alternate
Tim Zick, alternate 

*Diane Shakes

*indicates new member